Who is Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident in New York?

Slip and fall accidents can occur in many places like in your home, in your friend’s or loved one’s home, at a retail establishment, on the walkway to a building, or the sidewalk of a city street. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you can hire a slip and fall lawyer in New York to help you recover damages from the negligent party. However, the liable party that you will seek compensation from, will be determined by where the accident happened and the type of entity that owns the property you fell on. Below are some of the places where slip, trip, and fall accidents can occur, and the different parties that can be held liable in such instances.

In a retail establishment

It is the duty of the manager or an employee to keep their premises safe or warn visitors about any dangerous conditions like wet floors after someone has cleaned them, or entryways covered with snow, rain, and slush. Therefore, if you fall in a retail establishment because of wet floors, debris left in aisles, or holes in the floors, you can hold the property owner, the lessor, the lessee, or the store manager, depending on the circumstances of the incident.

On a public road or walkway

Public walkways that are poorly maintained can pose a danger to the public. For example, cracks, uneven walkways, or potholes can cause a pedestrian to trip. Moreover, walkways that are covered with snow and ice can cause you to lose balance and hit the ground and get injuries. Different municipalities have different rules, so, depending on where you reside, you can hold liable the municipality, the property owner, the lessor, or the lessee of a building or unit.

At your friend’s home

If you visited a friend and tripped over an uneven step or because of holes on the floor and sustained injuries, your friend will most likely be liable for your injuries. However, you will seek compensation from your friend’s homeowner’s insurance. That way there is no confusion about who is liable. Always make sure that your friends’ are covered so these types of situations are not too dramatic. Getting taken care of should be your top priority.

On a private walkway

If a private walkway is not regularly inspected and maintained, it can cause injury to anyone who uses it. Depending on the state laws, the parties that can be held liable for such injuries include the property owner, the lessor or lessee, or another resident. That way it’s best to look around where you’re walking. You don’t want to be walking around a place that you are not supposed to.

In a neighbor’s home

Debris on the floor, slippery floors, or uneven floors can cause you to trip in your neighbor’s home. If this occurs, then your neighbor will be liable for your injuries. However, if you do not want to sue your neighbor, you can request their renters’ insurance policy or their homeowners’ insurance policy, which can cover your neighbor’s liability for your incident. These types of incidents can be avoided if a higher-up was doing their job. So be sure you understand your rights and reach out to who you are supposed to.


If you have tripped in New York City, you can hold different parties liable for your incident, depending on where it happened. Some of the liable parties that you can hold accountable for your injuries include the property owner, the lessor, the lessee, the store owner, the municipality, or even another resident. Make sure you research the laws within your state to make sure you have the right information. Getting yourself taken care of is important and reaching out to the parties involved can help. 

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