What equipment for street photography?

Today we will discuss the perfect equipment to take this type of shots. Good street photography equipment should offer you freedom of movement, lightness and speed of action. This is why we are going to explain the essential characteristics to take into account when choosing your tripods, bags, lenses or cameras. Do you want to get into street photography fully prepared? Let’s go!


We are not going to talk about the brands, or even the size of the sensor, because for this type of discipline, it is not relevant. But we’ll give you the general guidelines to consider when choosing your camera:

  • First of all, you have to think about the weight. If it doesn’t seem relevant at first, when you wear it for a few hours, you can understand the importance of this aspect. Likewise with cine lenses, which with a camera can often be heavy and a burden at the end of the day. A small, lightweight camera can be an advantage that should not be overlooked for this type of photography, because not only will you work more comfortably, but you will also be more discreet.
  • The gusts are widely used in street photography, since they allow to choose the time you prefer, especially when photographing people or objects in motion, this mode can be very useful. Each camera has its own speed during burst photos, which is roughly one frame per second. It will of course be necessary to have a memory card with a high writing speed.

The different bags

Another thing to consider when going out on the streets to take pictures is how to transport your gear. We obviously want to protect and transport it safely, while having quick access to it so as not to miss the perfect shot.

There are different options that strike a balance between protection, comfort and speed of access. Here are our recommendations:

  • A shoulder bag with direct access to the camera, without having to take everything out. With this type of bag, you can transport your equipment in complete safety, thanks to a padded interior. At the same time, you will be able to access your gear without having to take the bag off your shoulder, which is quick and very safe.
  • A shoulder bag with a discreet design. This option is ideal for those who have little equipment and who want to walk without much congestion. It allows you quick access to your equipment and protects it thanks to its padded interior. Its discreet design allows you greater security, especially against thieves, and allows you to go unnoticed.


The other item that can be of great help in many situations, especially in street photography, is a tripod or a monopod. Below are the things to consider when choosing your tripod:

  • Weight: Your street photography tripod should be light and compact when folded. You will be able to transport it comfortably, without having a large additional load.
  • With a tab closure at the feet. Street photography requires a great capacity for reaction, since the perfect moment can pass in front of you without any warning. The tab closure is the fastest type of closure for adjusting the height of a tripod. That is why we recommend this option.
  • The Release Tray : The release trays allow you to quickly attach and exit your camera. This will allow you to trigger as soon as the perfect moment arises.


Finally, and this is not of less importance, the protection of its equipment! There is no place more dangerous than a crowded street with people, vehicles, puddles, not to mention jostling or other projectiles. And we’re not talking about slips, falls and other dangers. Let’s not be pessimistic, because in the best case, nothing will happen to us, but you never know… And it is better to take some small accessories with us:

  • UV protective filters : this type of filter does not affect the image in any way and does not modify the color or sharpness. In addition to blocking ultraviolet rays, it effectively protects your cine lens. An essential accessory in our equipment for street photography.

It’s enough ?

Yes, and it is not nothing! It is important to be well prepared for this exciting discipline that is street photography. This will allow you to enjoy an urban atmosphere, with the best equipment for street photography. And of course, leaving your home with a great desire is the most important!

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