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Postpartum care for mothers

Motherhood is not an easy job. No one is taking the limelight away from the father, but let’s be honest, a mother’s job is 10-fold more difficult.

The few months after birth are especially hard on the body and mind of the mother. It is not just the fatigue from the late nights, the feeding and the diaper changes that take a toll on them, but most new mothers also have their house and jobs to cater to as well.

And the midst of all this, they are very likely to neglect their health and their being. What happens then is resentment, sadness, and depression, not to mention health problems them have them running to the best gynecologist in Islamabad.

Therefore, getting the right care postpartum is also important for women, and needs to be discussed often enough.

Some ways for postpartum care

Ask for help

Thanks to the toxic positivity about women being able to do it, many new mothers are forced to appear resilient because that is what the society expects from them. And not being able to deliver adds the guilt and shame that women are any less capable.

However, it is time to shelf these archaic notions. Women are also humans, and just like everyone, they also need help. So, normalize seeking for help and expecting it. It takes a village to raise a baby, so everyone must chip in. Initially, as women are struggling with their health, the new routine and their hormones, people around them should try to lighten their load, till they are used to and can take care of their responsibilities on their own.

Mothers need rest

New mothers need plenty of rest to allow their bodies to heal. Sleeplessness and fatigue can get in the way of their body making a full recovery.

So, there is no reason why you need to appear superhuman. Ask you partner to chip in with the baby’s care so you can catch some sleep.

Perfectionism can wait

No matter what your mother, in-laws and the influencers are telling you, everyone struggles with managing their home, new baby and the entire circus that accompanies this situation.

Therefore, cut back on the pressure to have the picture-perfect life. Stop thinking that your house needs to look right out of a magazine. It is perfectly okay to have mess around the house, meals that require minimal effort and laundry that needs to be folded. Instead of giving yourself the extra pressure and guilt about not appearing perfect, focus on your health and that of the baby.

These stresses can negatively impair your already fragile mental health and put undue pressure on your physical health that is still reeling from the trauma of childbirth.

Cater to your physical health

After childbirth, a big worry on the minds of many is to lose all the extra weight gained. Instead of jeopardizing your recovery, focus on healing first. You can take off the extra weight once you are better, but your immediate thought should not be about the number on the weighing machine.

Eat wholesome and nutritious foods after childbirth so that your body can heal and replenish the lost nutrients. Moreover, mothers who are nursing their babies must be extra conscious about consuming health foods.

Start your exercise and weight loss program only after your doctor’s approval. Anything before might not work out well for your health. Also, why give yourself the extra stress about your body; it just made a baby for you, how about acknowledging that marvel before berating about the weight?

Visiting the doctor for help

Ideally, your doctor should themselves be asking after not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Postpartum blues and postpartum depression are both serious conditions that need to be identified and treated in time, lest they exacerbate.

So, while the onus is on the best gynecologists in Lahore to check up on your health, you also need to answer your doctor honestly. If you are experiencing the symptoms of postpartum depression, talk to your doctor and get the help that you direly need.

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