How To Get The Most Out Of Google Email Hosting In India

Fortunately, the owners of small businesses currently realize that they won’t benefit from using Yahoo or Hotmail as their business email address. Platforms like these fail to send the right message to users. You need an email address that complements the website of your business. However, ISP-hosted email systems can have limitations.

Furthermore, running every email through a desktop client, such as Outlook can be even more restrictive. These setbacks become notable when you have to share something with a team. Google Apps for business is a significantly better option.

1. Google-hosted domain:

So, how should you start? First of all, you’ll need to create a business account on Google Apps for business. Then, you have to move your MX records for your domain to the servers of Google. It isn’t as difficult as it seems, provided you follow the instructions. In doing so, you can utilize Gmail, but you’ll receive all emails from a personalized platform. You can also build custom emails for all your staff members.

2. The labels feature:

You can create as many labels as you want in Gmail to transfer and store your mails for reference purposes. It’s also possible for users to shift to Google labs and turn on the “Nested label” feature to tuck all sub-topics under their respective parent topics. You only have to use the parent label connected to the sub-label to create the sub-labels.

3. Feature-laden signature:

There’s an add-on available on Mozilla Firefox called “Wisestamp.” By using it, you’ll get more than what Gmail signature can offer. It also lets you create several signatures so that you can differentiate between work and personal signatures, for example. If you need professional support in this task, consider contacting the providers of Google email hosting in India.

4. Offline features:

Gmail provides its users access to a copy of their inbox when they’re offline. You need this feature so that you can manage your mail when you’re sitting inside a café, an airplane, or anywhere else away from your workplace. It doesn’t mean you can connect to your inbox. You simply gain access to a synced copy on your laptop that’ll resync the moment you turn on the internet connection. Now, for this to work, you’ll have to download a browser plugin called “Google Gears.” After that, just turn on the offline option from the settings tab.

5. Canned responses:

When you explore Google labs, you’ll find multiple options that you can turn on to augment the functionality of Gmail. There’s one called “canned responses” that you should check out first. Providers of Google email hosting in India suggest you avoid paying too much attention to the name. It sounds weird, but it will let you store copies of your email that you can use frequently and insert the same with the touch.

Final words

By using the methods explained above, you can enjoy the convenience of Gmail, as well as the professionalism and branding of your business’s custom email address. If you have a website and email hosting, you’ll have to use an entirely different method of incorporating Gmail.

However, if you’re lacking the prerequisites, and if you wish to separate your custom email address completely, you may consider paying for Google Workspace or G-Suite instead. There are other options, apart from Gmail. You can explore them too. 

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