Been hearing about BeyondLife a lot lately? Let’s look into it.

What Is NFT?

To get to who they are, let’s first start with NFTs. To the unaware, NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are backed by the very blockchain tech that supports crypto trade and cryptocurrency.

NFTs can be any object, tangible, animated, and otherwise, that can be digitized and authenticated as a digital copy online by anyone who dares to do so. The NFTs have been redefining themselves as time goes on, starting with photos, music – to memes, receipts, and tweets. They are growing in that upward trajectory in the exploration and invention aspect of what defines an NFT.

They are not traditional in a way that stands unique to every other sector in the crypto realm. One NFT is variedly unique to another and can not measure the same. To that point, it makes them the rarest digital version that one could hold in their possession.

NFT in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology allows the traceability and authentication factor of the NFT to the owner and its trade in the market to other secondary owners and so on. It is an online ledger on steroids, where it stores the data and the metadata throughout a legion of computers around the world, so hacking, threats, or scams are near impossible. 

Who is BeyondLife?

Now, BeyondLife is a no-code platform for creators to take advantage of the NFT sector without the impending fear of having to code and figure out every aspect of their NFT marketplace from minting, security, and authentication.

How NFTs are integrating into the fabric of India and its creators?

In recent times, and in specific regards to art, the patron of arts and artists have suffered a deflate in its consumption and its sale. NFTs came in as a saving grace for those who dared to challenge the traditional medium of consumption for the arts. Art and its consumption online aren’t new, but owning and trading rare and ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces of digital objects that have emotions attached to them are. 

Many big and small investors have switched to the crypto trade as well as artists, creators, and anyone with a vision. They have made their mark in the global market in the last couple of years and have surged in incomprehensible accounts during the lockdown. And India isn’t falling behind or pulling its punches from taking full advantage of this sector’s use cases.

An even playing field of growth and trade on a global scale allows the players equal advantage and thus enables them to reap the most benefits. The world of crypto isn’t restricted by the geo-political, geographical barriers that separate other forms of traditional currency. It is consistent throughout all aspects of its use cases.

How is BeyondLife helping in this regard?

Well, to reiterate, they are a no-code NFT platform where they have a state-of-the-art product for creators to exploit the NFT market without breaking a sweat. This comes in time with all the major launches they involving in, in the past, present, and future. Their record-breaking sales with the BigB punks made a whopping ≈ eight crores+ INR and the latest drop that has been making headlines and stealing the spotlight in its own right.

The launchpad possesses all the basic needs for a creator to initiate and more. They have a dedicated set of people who are working to provide you with an impeccable layout of templates and wallet integration options you could choose from. This is the pinnacle of products out there right now that are trailblazing this aspect of the sector’s applications.

Chakra The Invincible

Stan Lee’s “Chakra The Invincible” is a success story like no other. The Loot Box and the Jukebox sold out in seconds. A very select, elite few pieces of NFTs are still up for auction, including a tribute piece to the legend himself ‘Stan Lee’ with a special NFT dedicated to his legacy, and it was launched on his 99th Birthday Anniversary.

This goes to show anyone with a vision can make it and make it big in this sector and encourages indie and amateur artists to take up ranks and make it on their own. BeyondLife hasn’t left the investors and the collectors out of the equation. They got your back as well. There is something such as a secondary market.

NFT Marketplace

A secondary market is an avenue to resell any of the NFTs that one wants to sell or trade, and this is the port that’s useful for investors, traders, collectors, and even in some cases, to artists. The beauty about the NFTs is that anyone who owns a piece of it gets to make the rules, with some limitations, but the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. This avenue can be monitored, prized, and changed accordingly in regards to the NFT’s popularity and demand. This is also the best place for artists and creators to make sense of what sells and what doesn’t, so they can navigate their market sales risk in a safe and controlled environment even before making moves.

You can make use of their secondary market to resell and/or upsell the NFTs that you want to repurpose. This makes it easy for trading to have a centralized streamline in the realm of decentralized trading. An all-shop-one-stop kind of product that can revolutionize how we perceive and use the NFT trade market. BeyondLife’s secondary marketplace is also the exclusive place to purchase the NFTs from their site that you’ve missed out on.

Make NFTs work for you.

In this world that’s evolving and ever-opportune, NFTs are the new fad to take note of. The expanding sector is here to accommodate the growing needs of the people who challenge normality and want to change the dire cycle of repeating the old ways. New-age problems need new-age solutions. BeyondLife is the best example of a product that is the definition of a new-age solution. It gives back to the creators by helping them get their start on their own without any setbacks.

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