A Guide to Buy Wristwatches for Men

The world of watches can be daunting. Wristwatch brands are leaving no stone unturned to stay ahead in style, technical detailing and functions. You can find a variety of watches available not only for men and women, but for children too.

Branded watches for men are an expression of their personality and inherent style. Inculcated with precision, watches are a must-have accessory for men. Men’s watches are not as simple an affair as we think it is, picking one that defines their personality and style can be challenging and often overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to consider some basics to buy a perfect watch for men.

Display: -Analogue or digital:-

To begin your hunt for a perfect timepiece, choose the display of the watch. The analogue display is most common among men’s watches. Analogue display watches are traditional and elegant as compared to digital ones. You can find varied designs and durable choices for any occasion. Digital watches, on the other hand, use the LCD screen to display time. These are not as sophisticated as analogue, but are cost-effective. These watches are ideal for long long-term use and are resistant to wear and tear.

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Movement -: Mechanical or Quartz:-

Quartz is a common type of mechanism used in most watches, known for its accuracy and durability. Besides, mechanical watches have rotors attached to the movement. These are either hand wounded or automatic, having smooth & sweeping compared to quartz watches. Quartz watches are more affordable & practical as compared to mechanical watches.

Energy source -: Quartz, Solar or Smartwatch:-

Apart from style, the energy source that powers the watch is another important factor to consider. Quartz watches are battery-operated, and solar watches are operated through solar cells that convert light energy into electrical energy. Similarly, smartwatches are powered by rechargeable batteries.

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Comfort, Size and Budget- :

Irrespective of an amazing design and rich features, comfort should be a top priority when you are buying a watch.

Wristwatches come in various shapes and sizes; hence you can choose according to your wrist size.

Budget influences your purchase. You can find various men’s affordable watches online that complement your style and personality.

Different Types of Watches

Chronograph Watch:

Chronograph watches have a distinctive layout with 2 small dials. It has a stopwatch feature that can help you keep track of your lap time. These watches give sporty look, thus making the best choice for athletes, bikers, sportspeople, and enthusiasts.

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Dress Watches: Dress watches are elegant watches that can be worn during special occasions. These types of watches are precious heirlooms and extremely delicate. They are formal must-haves that can add richness to your outfit.

Field Watch:

These are sturdy and precious military watches build with functionality to tell time at night and face challenging environments. It has anti-glare dials to avoid sunlight reflections with bold digits for quick reading.


A smartwatch signifies luxury in its design as well as functionality. These are extremely user friendly and technologically advanced. You can wear them anywhere except during interviews and formal board meetings.

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