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Why is Gmail not working on Android?

Unquestionably, Gmail is an amazing email service provider which has enhancing features and amazing updates. From great storage capacity to new updates, Gmail has everything you need. However, the users of Gmail often encounter different technical snags like Gmail not receiving emails or Gmail not working on Android phones. However, in this blog, you can simply find out the ways to troubleshoot different Gmail issues, have a look at the blog to know more.

Fix Gmail Sync Issues

  • First of all, you are expected to open the Gmail App
  • Now, you are required to click on the three-line menu, which is located at the top left corner
  • Next, you must go into settings
  • Then, tap on your account
  • Scroll down and then find the data usage section
  • Make sure the checkmark next to sync Gmail is toggled on

How to remove your Google Account?

  • You are supposed to open the settings app
  • Now, you are required to choose passwords and accounts
  • Then, find the Google Account that you wish to remove
  • You are supposed to click on it
  • Hit on the remove account and then follow the onscreen instructions

How can I add a Google Account on Android?

  • In the beginning, you must open the settings app
  • Then, choose Passwords and Accounts
  • Now, click on the add account
  • Then, you must pick Google
  • Enter your email
  • And then, enter your password
  • Now, click on I agree

Check your internet connection always

  • Make sure you do open the settings app
  • Now, go to Network and internet
  • Choose Mobile Network
  • Toggle Mobile Data on
  • If you are outside the country, you must toggle roaming on as well

The users of Gmail keep on facing technical snags like Gmail not syncing or not getting connected to the internet. Read this short story to find out the easy ways to resolve technical errors. Check out our other post for the google account recovery form.

Related FAQs

How can I resolve Gmail not working on my Android issue?

The users of Gmail often face technical snags like Gmail not working on Android phones. If your Gmail is not working, then it could be easily fixed by following a few important steps. Like, First of all, you are supposed to update your Gmail, then you must restart your device. Now, after that, you are required to check your settings. After that, you are supposed to clear your storage, and then you are expected to check your password and then clear your Gmail information.

Why won’t my Gmail receive emails?

Gmail users frequently encounter problems like Gmail is not receiving emails & Gmail not Working. There could be many reasons behind the emergence of this problem, like spam messages, Gmail sync issues, server outages, email filters, connection errors, browser problems, Gmail storage, or deletion of email filters. Check out the steps to know more about it.

What is the role of the Refresh Button in Gmail?

Gmail has enhanced features, yet the users often get frustrated and put up questions like how to fix Gmail not working in Android, Gmail won’t load, or does the refresh button on Gmail have any function? Now, if you don’t know, Gmail refresh is an update that allows you to receive pop mail on your own schedule. Also, at a specific interval, imported POP Mail is checked and received at a regular set system schedule.

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