When Buying Leather Bar Stools, Avoid These 5 Mistakes

If you’re shopping for leather barstools, there are some points to remember. Many people make a few common mistakes that could lead to costly and unpleasant consequences. This article will highlight the top five mistakes to avoid when buying leather bar stools.

What are bar stools?

Bar stools are high stools, typically with a footrest that helps provide support for feet. The narrow and height of bar stools make them ideal for tables and bars and high tables at bars or pubs.

Barstools are among a restaurant or bar’s most frequently used furniture pieces. It’s about more than just the design factor since guests should be at ease. Learn about four common (and costly) mistakes made by restaurant managers.

1. Padding and Upholstery

Select upholstered and padded stools! If spills are an issue, Choose wipeable fabrics like PPM fabric, authentic leather, or acrylic, or use detachable seat pads. They can be washed and replaced as needed. Remember that cloth (with the correct amount) will be more comfortable when it is humid, hot, or frigid.

2. Height and Width

If there’s a mistake that is easy to avoid, it’s ensuring that your barstools are the right size for the counter. The standard rule of thumb is that the barstools should be 12 inches shorter than your counter.

Alongside taking measurements of the counter’s height, You’ll also need to measure its width to determine the number of barstools that can fit.

3. Do not choose the cheapest alternative

When shopping for something, it’s easy to choose the least expensive option or the best bargain. This is a good option for branded grocery items and household products. But when it comes down to furniture, always place quality first. We’re not suggesting you buy a high-end bar stool just to save money; don’t go for the lowest-priced one just to save money! You’ll eventually replace it since it will not last the tests of time. 

This is particularly important when you host numerous gatherings or have children and pets that can cause irreparable damage. Barstools of good quality are only sometimes the most expensive. However, they’ll be more costly than budget-friendly broken versions.

4. Make sure the design is strong enough to be durable.

If you’re looking for leather bar stools, it’s crucial to pick an elegant and durable option. Additionally, it is essential to stay clear of weak structures since they’ll just cost you more in the long run.

5. Too Little Space

Setting the stool at a suitable distance from each other is vital. The ideal distance is between 8 and 10 inches, while 6 inches is the minimum. The initial stool should be placed 14 inches from the bar’s corner. To figure out the seating you have to purchase, consider the following:

  • Distance between seats;
  • The width of the seats;
  • The distance to the corner

Personal area (the space between central points of adjacent seats should be between 26 and 30 inches).

Beware of particleboard or plastic frames since they need to be more durable. Instead, go for leather barstools with solid wood or sturdy metal frames.

The Bottom Line

Attention to these five points can make it easier to avoid common mistakes when you purchase leather barstools. If you take the time to conduct your research, you will discover the ideal set of leather barstools to fit your bar.

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