What’s the difference between 1st and 2nd fix nail guns?

Having the appropriate instruments is among the most crucial requirements for any work. You can choose between a first repair gun and a second fixed gun when it comes to nail guns.

We briefly discuss the distinctions between the two in this article. Remember to check out our extensive selection of trade construction materials here at Fast build if you require any.

Nail guns are incredibly practical tools for a variety of joinery and woodworking tasks on the job site. A nail gun offers a quick and efficient approach to completing any task, including making furniture, putting skirting, framing walls, and roofing.

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There are two primary nail gun varieties, each intended for a particular use:

Nailers for first fixes: often known as framing nailers.

Second fix nail guns: often known as brad nailers and finishing nailers.

What is a First Fix nail gun?

The term “framing nailers” also applies to first-fix nail guns. In essence, this is the nail gun you would use first, for structural purposes, during the early stages of construction.

The more potent of the two alternatives, a first-fix nail gun employs bigger nails. First, fix nailers are employed for non-aesthetic tasks that will likely be covered up by the time the work is finished because they frequently leave a noticeable mark on the wood.

You might use a first-fix nailer in the following situations:

  • shabby woodwork
  • Ceilings and floors
  • A wall’s frame

What is a Second Fix Nail Gun?

These nail guns, sometimes known as “finishing nailers,” are used second, as their name implies, to help produce a neat finish.

Second-repair nail guns are significantly more delicate and employ smaller nails in comparison to first-fix nail guns. These tiny, thin nails have a much cleaner finish and are a wonderful option for any cosmetic task.

You might employ a second fix nail gun in the following situations:

  • Wall skirting
  • Furniture
  • Door frames

Second-fix nail guns are frequently offered in both straight and angled configurations, which can be useful when working in confined locations.

What Sets First Fix Nail Guns Apart from Second Fix Nail Guns?

The following are the main variations between first- and second-fix nail guns:

  • how big are the nails are
  • The nailer’s strength
  • Effects on the wood

Compared to the second repair, first-fix nail guns utilize bigger, heavier nails. Additionally, a first-fix nailer will make use of a stronger mechanism. When combined, this produces a more pronounced indentation in the wood and a stronger fix.

First Fix nail guns:

  • Greater nails.
  • A stronger mechanism.
  • Significant influence on the wood.
  • Suitable option for structural tasks.

Second fix Guns:

  • Smaller nails.
  • A less effective mechanism.
  • Little to no impact on wood can be seen.
  • A good option for decorative finishes.

What Is The Difference Between First Fix & Second Fix Nail Guns?

First-fix nail guns are more powerful devices that employ bigger nails for heavy-duty framing applications, which is the main distinction between them and second-fix nail guns. Second-fix nail guns, on the other hand, are a little more delicate and polished tools that use tiny nails for a variety of “finishing” applications.

first remedy On-site rough woodwork is done with nail guns, but the results are not particularly apparent. Strong and durable repairs, like roofing, wall framing, and flooring, are necessary for this kind of construction. The first fix and framing nailers frequently leave some dents in the wood, but this is not particularly significant because the job’s goal is not aesthetic and the work will not be particularly noticeable.

For the more delicate finishing work on the job site, such as door frames, skirting, furniture, and more, second-fix nail guns are employed. Second-fix nail guns often utilize finishing nails or brad nails, which are thin and have extremely small or no heads because the results of this work are more evident. This indicates that they produce a more elegant polish and cause less splitting in the wood.

We rent out a wide selection of standard nail guns for professionals. Our nail guns are battery-operated tools that fire nails into the wood using air cartridges. You can operate anywhere without the limitations of cords or air hoses thanks to these cordless nailers. Our second fix brad nailers are designed to be used with 16 gauge nails between 15mm and 64mm, while our first fix framing nailers are made to be used with clipped head nails between 50mm and 90mm.

What Type of Nail Gun Do I Need?

The type of job will determine the nail gun you need. You’ll need the structural security of a first-fix nailer if you’re nailing structural items like frames or roofing. However, a second-fix nail gun will give a nicer look if you’re utilizing nails for finishings like skirtings and architraves.

You’ll probably need a first and second-repair nail gun to accomplish the job completely. Your life will be considerably simpler if you have both!

We have a variety of nails for the first-fix and second-fix guns here at Fast build, along with everything else you’ll need for your upcoming project. Why not search today when so many high-quality brands are offered at reasonable trade prices?

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