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What to wear with men’s bomber jacket

Types and Combination

There are always many different fashion trends, but each season has its own distinguishing feature. Now the bomber jacket has become popular among all men’s jackets. They are sewn from all kinds of materials – leather, suede, denim, knitwear and rather expensive fabrics, even silk. Here we will give you a little tips on how to choose and what to wear with a bomber jacket, depending on personal style preferences, goals and weather conditions.

Is it any surprise that the bomber jacket was the winner in Google’s most recent annual Fashion Trends report (up 297 percent in the UK and 612 percent in the US, year on year)? Not only that, you can often see her on the backs of style referees like Kanye West and David Beckham. Short bomber jackets define the shoulders and minimize the waist.

Suede bomber jacket

A tan suede bomber jacket makes for a softer, more sophisticated alternative to the most common style. As this guy shows, the bomber jacket not only adds a nice tonal contrast against the navy blue and blacks. This jacket is a good fit for transitioning between seasons, allowing you to cope with the wind while maintaining the necessary invigorating light-heartedness. Even when you are loaded with a big backpack, like here in the photo.

Suede Bomber Jacket

How to choose?

Having decided to make a purchase of such a basic thing, you need to know how to choose the size. This is the piece of wardrobe that should fit perfectly, not stick out, not hang or tight.

Male bomber in different styles of clothing

Today it is fashionable to wear more tight-fitting styles, but so that you can wear a sweatshirt under the bottom, for example.

Advice ! It is also very important to choose the appropriate length of the bomber jacket and sleeves. The jacket should end at the waistline of the pants, and the cuffs should reach the base of the thumb without covering the palm.

Stylist tips:

  • Choose a bomber jacket for men, focusing on the existing wardrobe;
  • Feel a clear line between casual and formal style;
  • If you want to highlight the bomber – select the rest of the clothes in the base color;
  • High quality material is the key to making the right choice;
  • When buying, check the bomber jacket for any damage, protruding threads, and so on;
  • Rely on the purpose of the jacket.

Men’s bomber: stylish looks 2019-2020

Choose a bomber jacket slowly, trying it on both a T-shirt and a thick jacket, so as not to be disappointed in your choice later. This model, unfortunately, is not very suitable for people who are too short or tall, they need to choose something else. If you are having difficulty, ask a consultant or stylist who has specialized knowledge in this area for help and will certainly find the perfect bomber jacket for you.

Leather bomber

Ever since Tom Cruise wore such a jacket as Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (1986), the lamb collar leather bomber jacket was, as the film’s original slogan, “the best of the best up there.” Based on the G-1 military bomber, built by the US Navy in the 1940s, it can bring an air of heroism to mere mortals. It can even replace a blazer and pair with a shirt and tie. Or, like in the photo here, you can add khaki chinos and a scarf. Wear this jacket whenever you want to spice up your look.

Fashion trends of 2020

The style of the bomber practically does not change, the designers only create individual accents, change materials, colors, and add decorative elements. Obviously, such a thing is quite popular and stylish. This year’s bomber jackets are considered the most fashionable:

  • White, olive, blue and vibrant colors. In addition, the product itself can have a neutral and calm color, but the inserts should support the fashionable element.
  • Made of suede and leather. If last year bomber jackets made of fabric and raincoat fabric were the favorite, then this year the choice fell on naturalness. A leather thing will not only delight you with its appearance, but also with a long service life.

Fashionable for the season 2020-2021

  • With a metallic sheen. This accent got here too. Silver and gold have really conquered modern fashion. You shouldn’t choose a foil bomber jacket, it can have a nice silver tint, that’s enough.
  • Striped or checked. Such prints have almost become classics, as they will not leave the fashion industry in any way. Any strip or cage will make a men’s jacket truly spontaneous and attractive.

Note: a bright print is in trend. Unleash your imagination – whatever you want, bring it to life. In this case, the fashion of men does not limit, but you need to rely on individual characteristics, because someone has crazy drawings and bright clothes that are completely out of place.

  • With patches. The detail that will embellish the classic black bomber jacket and make it fashionable is the appliqué. You can even embroider your own initials or attach a patch with your favorite cartoon character. The more creative, the more fashionable – this is the rule of modern fashion.

Create images yourself, combining the things that you want. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd – be stylish in 2020!

Green bomber

Nothing says “Libertatem Defendimus” (actually the motto of the Second Wing of the US Air Force) like a green bomber that can trace its lineage back to the MA-1, the original bomber made from parachute silk which became a standard question in the 1950s for the US Navy and Air Force (first seeing service during the Korean War). Since then, the style has changed little. Note the ribbed collar, cuffs and front pockets. This man softens the militaristic style of the jacket by wearing less combat gear, including a white turtleneck and blazer.

Modern modifications

On the global network, you can find many photos of women’s jackets that differ in their design, colors and additional details. The first windbreakers of this type began to appear at shows since 2013.This is partly due to:

  • Convenient type of cut;
  • A wide variety of materials, accessories and fasteners that can be used;
  • Versatility;
  • Harmonious arrangement with any street wardrobe, even with evening dresses;
  • Ease of care;
  • Affordable for young ladies, even with a limited budget.

At this time, such famous brands as Alexander McQueen, Dior, Victor & Rolf and many others began to offer leather models, decorated with contrasting inserts on the sleeves, comfortable cuffs and buttons. Elastic band at the bottom allows for a snug fit to the hem and prevents blowing in windy conditions.

Others chose to make a lighter jacket in nylon, with delicate lace inserts, stylish embroidery on the sleeves and back. Simple design, bright colors, cuffs and reliable fittings conquered fashionistas all over the world. World celebrities, for example, Gwen Stefani, Irina Shayk, Madonna, Emma Watson and many others, did not stand aside.

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