What material is better to choose for security shutters?

There are two main types of material for security shutters: steel and aluminum. Each of them has its own characteristics, so you should choose the one that meets your personal needs.

Aluminum roller shutters are compact when folded. They are lightweight, allowing you to open and close them effortlessly. They withstand temperature extremes well. An undoubted advantage in favor of choosing aluminum roller shutters will be their price, which is lower than for steel ones. Moreover, they have excellent durability.

Steel shutters provide maximum burglary protection. They have high strength and durability. It recommendes to install such security shutters in commercial premises or garages. Aesthetically, steel roller shutters look rougher and may not match the exterior of the living space.

The cost of such roller shutters is higher than aluminum roller shutters of the same size. Steel roller shutters are heavier, but by choosing narrower and thinner lamellas, this disadvantage will be eliminated.

Both aluminum and steel security shutters move by means of two guides

The box and guides can be located both outside the room and inside. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of opening a window in order to be able to ventilate the room without hindrance.

Aesthetically and in terms of safety, the best solution would be to install roller shutters inside the room. Then the intruders will not have access to the box. This option also looks more attractive.

At the same time, external placement of security shutters has an insignificant effect on safety. The design and protection of the box are well thought out and getting access to third parties will not be an easy task.

Even if the box can broken open, intruders can only damage the security shutter opening system, but not lift them. It should be noted that aesthetically, this option may not fit the exterior of the building, and owners of real estate in historical buildings may need approval for the installation of an external element.

The measurements of shutters

It recommendes to entrust the measurements to specialists. In this case, you can guarante that you will pay for the right product. An error in calculations will affect the aesthetic appearance of security shutters, their ability to protect them, or even lead to the impossibility of installation.

To calculate the approximate cost of roller shutters, it is enough to measure the height and width of the opening. The cost of 1 square meter also depends on the width of the slats: the wider, the more expensive and durable.

Most manufacturers offer colors according to the RAL scale, so it’s easy to find the right color. There are wood-like colors that imitate the texture of other materials.

The control system

The control system is mechanical or manual and automatic or electronic. It is worth choosing based on the weight of the security shutters, functionality and budget. The automatic remote shutter opening is an excellent choice for the garage.

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