Want to Know the Benefits & Rewards of Performing Umrah in Ramadan?

What is the reward for performing Umrah in Ramadan?

The minor pilgrimage, Umrah, is an Islamic act of worship that entails visiting the Sacred Kabah at Makkah’s Grand Mosque. It gives you the chance to renew your faith, seek forgiveness for your sins, and deepen your relationship with Allah Almighty.

In the Hijri calendar, Ramadan is considering the holiest month. During this month, the first few revelations of the Sacred Quran were revealed on our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In Ramadan, Muslims observe mandatory fasts from dawn to sunset, while also exercising self-control, maximizing their acts of worship, and more obediently implementing Islamic principles.

Just imagine the blessings and rewards you’ll receive from Allah Almighty if you combine the two aspects of worship discussed above, or if you pursue Umrah during the sanctified month of Ramadan. This article will explain the benefits and rewards of undertaking Umrah in Ramadan. Let’s start with the primary purpose of performing Umrah.

Ramadan Umrah Packages
Full month Ramadan Umrah Packages

What Is the Purpose of Performing Umrah?

For all Muslims, Umrah holds an exceptional purpose. It’s generally regarded as a spiritual act of purification undertaken in order to gain Allah’s pleasure and blessings. It is the best way to praise and reach out to Allah, despite the fact that it is not mandatory (farz) for any Muslim (unlike Hajj).

What’s more, do you need? Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) performed Umrah four times in his entire lifetime. That’s why performing Umrah is His Great Sunnah. According to the Quranic Verse 31 of Surah Al-e-Imran, when you undertake Umrah, you are eligible for Allah’s love and pleasure, as well as all of your previous sins, which should be forgiven. What could be more authentic than Allah’s own words or sayings? Many of us don’t place much relevance on Sunnah, but if you think about this verse of the Holy Quran, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on any of the Prophet’s (SAW) Sunnah practices.

Do Umrah Rewards Equivalent to Hajj When Done in The Sacred Month of Ramadan?

While there are various benefits of performing Umrah, one of the most inspirational benefits is that undertaking Umrah in the Sacred Month of Ramadan makes the acting equivalent to Hajj. However, performing Umrah during Ramadan will not exempt you from performing Hajj because it is mandatory for you. The reward is meant to underline the importance of performing Umrah during Ramadan, rather than establishing total equivalence.

Therefore, once Hajj becomes mandatory (farz) for you in terms of physical, mental, and financial stability, you must make it a top priority and perform it. After that, you can always consider undertaking Umrah during the auspicious month of Ramadan to get Hajj-like rewards, which will be Nafl (voluntary).

Is Ramadan the Best Month for Performing Umrah?

Considering the benefits discussed earlier in this article, Ramadan is without any doubt the best month for performing Umrah. Many Muslims don’t prefer this time of year due to the overcrowding and fasting obligations, yet there is a reason why so many people gather there during this month. If you have the opportunity to conduct Umrah during this blessed and spiritual month, then take advantage of it. If you have the opportunity to conduct Umrah during this blessed and spiritual month, take advantage of it. Make it a priority to perform it at least once in your lifetime.

Ramadan Umrah Packages
Full Month Ramadan Umrah Packages

Is It Possible to Perform Umrah in A Single Day?

Yes, regardless of the circumstances, it is possible to perform Umrah in a single day. Tawaf and Sai are the only two major rituals in Umrah that require time. The remaining rituals, such as Niyyah and performing Halq (head shaving) or Taqseer (hair shortening), are perfect quickly. During less crowded moments, the Tawaf and Sai rituals should take about 2 hours each, allowing you to perform the Umrah in about 4 hours. When there are a large number of people, there may not be enough space in the Mataf, so you may need to go to the upper floors to do Tawaf, making a much larger round. In that situation, performing Tawaf may take much longer.

The same goes for the Sai ritual. The walk between the Safa and Marwah mountains can take up to two hours if the path is crowde with pilgrims. Yet, in any scenario, your Umrah should be done within a single day.

Things to Look for While Picking an Umrah Ramadan Package?


There are several things to consider while picking an Umrah package such as:

  1. The expenses;
  2. The accommodations, transits, and visitations provided by Umrah Ramadan package providers;
  3. The type of Umrah package such as individual, shared, or tailored;
  4. The reliability and authenticity of the Umrah Ramadan package provider;
  5. The affiliation of your Hajj or Umrah services provider with the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, undertaking Umrah during Ramadan is a significant privilege that only a few blessed people can achieve. Start planning your Umrah and visit Makkah now if the benefits and rewards of performing Umrah have inspired and touched you. For this, Muslims Holy Travel provides a wide assortment of Ramadan Umrah Packages 2022 with lots of facilities and convenience. We really hope you will be able to perform Umrah during the auspicious month of Ramadan.

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