VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server In India

VPS Hosting Vs Dedicated Server In India

If you have a website that has lots of visitors then you might wonder which is the most suitable hosting plan. For most companies, the hosting plans boil down to two choices: VPS hosting or dedicated hosting.

Both the hosting are a major upgrade as compared to cheap and shared hosting purchased in the beginning. However, both hosting solutions are an upgrade and suitable option from the old hosting. Out of the two, you have to select one for the hosting.

VPS hosting can be the best option for most individuals but dedicated hosting offers additional security. Both the hosting solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to invest in a plan that is suitable for your needs. 

What is VPS?

Virtual private servers are simply known as VPS. It is where multiple websites use the same server but they have their own limitations in terms of RAM and bandwidth. VPS hosting is similar to renting a part of a dedicated server. VPS hosting is of two types unmanaged and managed VPS hosting. Since managed VPS hosting provides you with additional IT support and guidance thus it is more costly. 

Pros and cons of VPS hosting


  • The majority of the websites perform well on a VPS hosting server.
  • It is cheaper than dedicated hosting


  • VPS hosting cannot match the dedicated hosting in terms of resource and performance.
  • Since you are sharing the resources thus features will be limited. 

What is a dedicated server?

As the name suggests, a dedicated server means that an entire physical server will be assigned to your website. You will be the sole owner of the server thus you can customize it the way you want. Sharing the server with only one person makes it highly secure. All the server hardware belongs to you. However, the plans of dedicated hosting are expensive than shared or VS hosting But it gives you better performance and security. 

Pros and cons of a dedicated server


  • It offers great performance and huge resource limits.
  • You do not have to upgrade to a higher plan till your website grows.


  • Plans and monthly pricing are slightly more.
  • It requires technical knowledge

VPS hosting Vs dedicated server

Out of all the hosting options, VPS and dedicated hosting are the most popular solutions. However, both the hosting options are slightly expensive as compared to traditional hosting methods. Still, businesses and individuals use both hosting plans. If you are planning to upgrade your current hosting solution then here is a side-by-side comparison between both the hosting solutions.


Security is like living in the flats. If someone leaves the door open then your belongings will be at risk. However, they still need to enter your space for getting access to your things. Dedicated hosting is like owning a property thus you are the only owner of the property. Still, it can be at risk but you will not be at risk for others’ mistakes. 

VPS hosting is secure but dedicated hosting offers a higher level of security. Both the hosting solutions allow you to install your own security software. In dedicated hosting, you are in control of any data breaches.


Performance in terms of web hosting can be defined as how quickly the website loads and runs for the users. For example, you are traveling by bus and at every stop, passengers are getting down. It will increase the journey time and ultimately you will be late. 

VPS hosting is like having a bus. If your bus is full then you have another bus. While in dedicated hosting, you get a double-decker bus that is capable of dropping a lot of passengers at their destination. Dedicated hosting is better in terms of performance. However, VPS hosting is also not less but there are times when its performance is affected.

Configuration and customization

Both VPS and dedicated hosting come with managed and unmanaged plans. These plans can be identified as setting up furniture in the house. With unmanaged hosting plans you are the one responsible for doing everything while in managed hosting plans, someone will do that for you. However, most people opt for managed hosting plans even they are on the expensive side. Both the hosting solutions allow you to customize and have adjustable resources. 


Scalability is the limit up to which you can grow. It is very similar to the growth of a tree. VPS hosting is like growing a small tree because it cannot match the height of an oak tree. On the other hand dedicated hosting is like a great oak tree. You can grow it to massive heights. You will have all the features like resources, security, and performance you want. In terms of scalability, VPS is the winner because you can upgrade it. You can grow your website whenever you need it.


Both managed VPS hosting and dedicated server in India are some of the best hosting solutions for businesses and individuals. If you are looking for a reliable hosting solution then you can select any of the two. However, it depends on your hosting requirements with the website. Both the hosting solutions have their own merits and demerits thus you decide to take any of the hosting solutions. A dedicated server in India offers great security and managed VPS hosting reduces IT costs.

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