Top 7 Romantic Locations In India To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

After a whole year of waiting, the season of love is here again. As Valentine’s day is approaching, we know that you can not hold your excitement in on the prospect of spending this day of love with that special person. For centuries, this day has been the universal day of love and if you are one of those lucky few who have someone to call yous, you can surely feel the love in the air.

As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you must be looking for an adequate valentines day gift for your sweetheart. We all have different ideas on what makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s, some go for lavish and luxurious gifts to show their love, while some resort to personalized presents that are made especially for the love of their life. However, most people don’t give much thought to the location, they usually go for old school candlelight dinner at a restaurant, which is romantic in its own way but sometimes you must go a step further to rekindle the romance. So, this Valentine take your sweetheart away for the weekend and celebrate the day lost into each other’s eyes, in your own little world, away from prying eyes! Don’t know where to go? Don’t fret, we proposed the idea of going away so we will provide you with locations as well. So, here are the most romantic locations where you can celebrate your love.


Havelock Islands- Andaman

Love beaches but hate crowded places? Then Havelock Islands are just perfect for you! One of Andaman’s best-kept secrets, Havelock Islands are known for their scenic beauty and solitude. You can go for a lavish Valentine’s celebration by renting a resort on the islands to enjoy your stay, or if you are on the lower side of the budget there are plenty of hotels available at your disposal. Reaching havelock is also easy as Port Blair’s Airport is nearby.

Alleppey- Kerala

Wanna enjoy a relaxing and luxurious weekend away with your sweetheart wrapped in each other’s arms, among nature, then head straight to Alleppey. This place looks like it came straight out of your dream. Best known for Kuttanad backwaters, the best thing to do here is to get on a houseboat to ride the backwaters and enjoy the surreal natural beauty that surrounds you. Krishnapuram Palace and Marari Beach are nearby for your to explore and you can reach there by air and/or rail.

Kasol- Himachal Pradesh

If you and your partner love mountains, then Kasol is a must-go place for you two. Surrounded by mesmerizing peaks, you can easily find a place to stay that overlooks the beautifully sparking Parvati river. As you are going in February, you may even catch the most beautiful snowfall you must have ever seen if luck is on your side. To reach Kasol you may go by road and enjoy the load road trip or you can take a flight to Kullu Airport, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Himachal from up above.

Khimsar- Rajasthan

Experience the true culture of Rajasthan away from the hustle of tourists, in Khimsar. This fascinating dessert is situated near Jodhpur and is mostly unknown as people who wish to go to dessert, mostly visit Jaisalmer. This place is the best option if you wanna celebrate your valentine’s camping under the stars and surrounded by sand dunes. As one of the places that serve as a getaway to the great Indian Thar Desert, reaching Khisar is actually pretty easy from Jodhpur Airport and Jodhpur railway station.

Laitmawsiang- Meghalaya

Looking for a getaway that no one knows about? How about Laitmawsiang? An unspoiled secret of North-East, Laitmawsiang is actually known for The Graden Of Caves. If you are in Shilong then this beauty is just 50 km away from you. Take a walk through the park and discover amazing waterfalls, natural herbs, and esthetic-looking orchids that are spread across the park. Reaching this place is pretty easy as the nearest Airport- Shella is only 23 km away.

Thachi Valley- Himachal Pradesh

The hidden paradise of Himachal is a perfect place to celebrate your love. This valley is hidden from the world as it is pretty high in the mountains and also like the way is tricky. Situated at a good distance from the well-known Tirthan Valley, Thachi Valley is nothing less than a heaven. Covered with a blanket of snow, this place is the perfect location to confess your love.

Loktak Lake- Manipur

Known as the floating lake of Manipur, Loktak Lake is truly a sight to behold. Loktak Lake is situated in the small town Moirang of Maniour and is actually the only floating national park in the world. You can enjoy the serene surrounding on a boat or you can also sit with your partner of the bank to witness a beautiful sunset.

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