Summer internship for computer science students

When a student is pursuing a degree in computer science,

obtaining a Online computer science internships in India is a very crucial step for you to getting your foot in the front door.

An internship can help you to obtain your dream computer science career,

so it’s very essential to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Computer science is the study of computer programming it’s language and software systems. Information Technology (IT) is a sector that is more focused on maintaining computer systems.

On the other hand, computer science deals more with mathematics,

algorithms, and coding to design and develop computer systems and it’s software applications .

Best summer  Computer Science Internships for B.Tech students.

When obtaining a degree in computer science, there are several types of career paths you could walk through .

You could go down the road of computer engineering, data science, data analysis or product management, to name a few.

Here are some of the best computer science internships that you can pursue:

Front End Engineering Intern

Interns in front end engineering mainly focus on what users see in a web application.

Front end engineers write code and build user interfaces using languages such as JavaScript and CSS,

python , along with markup languages like HTML.

During this internship, you’ll work side-by-side with industry professionals.

And have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, help create new systems, and work through real-world challenges.

Backend Engineering Intern

On the flip side, back end engineering interns mainly focuses on writing code with Java,

Python and other programing language to connect the server to the database.

Back end engineering interns write the code for the functioning and ensure that the code is working

properly and they debug and fix any problems with the system.

With this computer engineering internship, the interns will learn how to solve complex problems and receive code reviews by superiors to help you master your craft.

Data scientists intern

Data Scientists take a systematic mathematical approach to computer science, focusing on statistical and quantitative analyses.

work to better understand thev consumers by using statistical analyses and models to evaluate social trends in information systems.

This internship help you to learn how to apply and interpret these complex mathematical models with regard to the product and business.

Product Management Intern

Product management interns work between the computer engineers and marketing teams to make

sure the product is functioning properly and is attractive and appealing to more consumers.

Interns run the QA tests, determining whether the product is up to quality expectations for the team and costumers .

This internship  will help you to analyse the market and create a strategy with the engineers and marketing team to implement a successful campaign.

Mobile technology engineering intern

Mobile devices have become one of the most popular, important and handy ways for the public to use virtual systems.

With both iOS and Android taking the world by storm, this has been an increasingly popular career path for those majoring in computer science students .

Mobile technology engineers have to code for both front end and back end systems. Depending on whether it is iOS, Android,

or another managing  company, you will work with different programming languages.

You can help to develop apps, create new mobile features, and ensure the code integrates smoothly and is easy to use and applications are user-friendly.

iOS Engineering Intern

As an iOS engineering intern, you’ll gain hands-on experience developing apps that are specific to  one of the most prestigious company Apple.

You’ll be using Code, Swift and maybe even React Native to work on both front-end and back-end components of the application  thereby getting full-stack experience.

Patience is very necessary as you learn the process of publishing to the App Store, which includes provisioning profiles, getting developer certificates and submitting apps once they’re developed.

Android Engineering Intern

As an Android engineering intern, you’ll work with a team to design and build advanced applications for the Android users .

Communication is always very  important as you collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features.

You’ll also assist with technical planning, development and systems integration on client engagements from the definition phase  and rest all the way to implementation.

Critical thinking is another essential part in this internship since you’ll be analysing requirements, wire framing and listing capabilities of related systems to propose appropriate solutions.

Full-Stack Software Engineering Intern

As a full-stack engineering intern, you’ll be combining the best of both worlds by working on both front-end and back-end technologies,

And will be seeing how data flows through the application and how it’s transferred and displayed to the applications devices .

By being actively involved with the technological components the customer sees and with the back-end data that powers the site,

you’ll quickly develop an understanding of the different technologies that you will be working on and you’ll be able to implement optimizations to enhance performance.

This is a great internship for anyone who wants to understand how to build a feature end-to-end working system.

Information Security Intern

Security is something that protects every company’s confidential information.

During this type of internship, you’ll be able to see the security challenges that companies face on a daily basis and to understand how to react in such intense situations.

This type of internship is especially common in the healthcare and finance sector where information security is used to protect patient records and sensitive financial materials.

Data Engineering Intern

As a data engineering intern, you’ll be collecting, storing and processing data

and creating a system that will allow others (particularly data scientists) to analyse and access  that data.

Combining coding skills with an understanding of data science, data engineers create infrastructure for processing and storing  huge amounts of data, enabling data scientists to do their job more effectively.

The internship you chose should really depend on your interest.

If you like cloud, then you must do an internship in that, If you like coding in Python ,

java then you will be interested to explore machine learning. If you like to make a mobile application then internship in Android and iOS is a good field to choose .

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