How do I stop automatic renewal subscription?

Automatic renewal is a feature available on various programs and tools to prevent expiry. PC users install lots of software on the system. Many programs have the monthly or yearly subscription feature. When you install these programs on the system; you have to pay whenever you require the program. If you use the program continuously then using the automatic renewal feature is good for you.

You don’t have to worry about your license expiry and the plan will be renewed automatically. But when you don’t need the program regularly then you should not enable the auto-renewal renewal. Your program will get renewed without your knowledge and payment will be charged from your banking account. If you don’t want your program to renew automatically then disable auto-renewal.

Disabling auto-renewal service

When the disable the auto-renewal service of a program; it won’t renew the setup without your knowledge. If you are not a regular user of a program then you should disable the auto-renewal otherwise you will get charged for the plan even when you are not using it.

  • Open your computer and click on the program’s icon
  • You will get the dashboard on your screen
  • Hit on the subscription window
  • Go to the auto-renewal option
  • Toggle the switch to disable
  • Auto-renewal disable confirmation window will appear
  • Select confirm option

After Avast automatic renewal cancellation; your setup won’t renew automatically. Now you don’t have to worry about the renewal. But the user must cancel the auto-renewal feature days before the license expiry. If you don’t cancel the auto-renewal; your license will be renewed.

Cancel your auto-renewal and get your refund

Users sometimes forget to cancel the auto-renewal feature of the program. When the plan expires; your plan will be renewed automatically. If you forget to disable the auto-renewal feature of your program and it gets auto-renewed then you can get it refunded. When you cancel your new auto-renewed license without days then you will get your full refund.

  • Open the program’s dashboard
  • Click on the Subscription window
  • Check for the new license
  • Choose your new license and hit the Cancel button
  • The program’s cancellation wizard will appear on your screen

Tap on the Confirm option. Now go to the refund page and fill in the details. The team will check the details and provide you with a refund. Before you cancel the new subscription of your program; you should check for the refund policy. You should cancel the new license only when your plan is under the refund policy. Check your product details and then you can cancel the license and get the refund.

Renew your program manually

After cancelling the auto-renewal feature of your program; the license will not be renewed automatically. Once you cancel the subscription; you can see the remaining days or the expiry date of the license. Most programs start sending you the license expiry warning weeks before the date. If you are sure that you are going to use the program then you can renew the subscription manually. But when you don’t want to renew the license of your program then you can ignore the warning. In case, you find the notifications bothering then you can also disable the notification. Users can use the tool until the date of expiry. When your program license gets expired; it won’t work. You can remove the program setup from the device.

Manual steps to renew the program license

When you want to use the program then renew it. If you don’t want your program to expire then renew the license before the expiry. When you get the notification of the license expiry; click on it. You will see the renewal page on your browser. Choose the renewal plan and then you have to provide the payment details. Check all your details and then renew the license.

Now go to the subscription window and check for your new subscription. The new license for the program will activate automatically after the running license expires. In many programs, once you renew the license; it activates automatically and the remaining days of running the subscription get added to the new subscription. After renewing the program; you can use all its tools easily.

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