Steps to set up Canon IP110 printer?

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, with company interests in printers as well as scanners, optical imaging medical equipment, lenses, as well as semiconductor production equipment. Of all these, Canon is well-known worldwide for its wireless office printers, such as the Canon Pixma’s setup IP110. It’s a compact, lightweight and powerful portable printer that is ideal for students and professionals. After you’ve installed the Pixma ip110 setup then you’re equipped to utilize the printer to create stunning photographs and professionally-designed documents.

If you’ve just purchased an all-new Canon IP110 printer or trying to install it for either Windows or Mac this guide will assist you in setting up your device using a few easy steps. This document will help you.

  • Printer initialization starts with the unboxing.
  • Canon Pixma driver download and installation.
  • Connection of Canon IP110 to Windows.
  • Connection of Canon IP110 to Mac.

If you’ve removed your printer from its box and have completed the initial setup and then move on to the second step. Let’s begin by introducing the fundamentals.

Step 1. Canon IP110 printer setup and unboxing

  1. Canon IP110 printer is equipped with plenty of security precautions. The primary step involves eliminate all tapes and packaging materials from the printer.
  2. Make sure that your printer is kept in a clean area near the WIFI router and away any other device that is signaled.
  3. When unpacking, remove all power cables, the ink cartridges, the installation kit as well as other items from the box.
  4. Attach the power supply to the printer, then connect the other end of the cord to an outlet on the wall.
  5. Install cartridges for ink and clean paper in your printer.
  6. Now , your Canon printer may create a test print to confirm the proper installation.
  7. After you’ve completed your initial configuration, you can download and install the Canon driver for your printer from the Canon Support page.

Step 2. Download and install the Canon IP110 Driver. Canon IP110 Driver

Installation of the driver is an essential element of setting the printer up. It acts as translator between your computer and printer and allows your Canon printer comprehend the language of your computer. Two different ways are you can download the driver The first method is by using an installation disk. The another option is to download the driver directly via the Canon support site.

Through the installation disk

  1. Remove the CD from the printer and then insert it into your computer. Then, run the configuration.
  2. If it does not AutoRun Then insert the CD again, and go to my computer or this one. Double-click MSETUP4.EXE and keep following the steps.

Through Canon printer support site

    1. If you don’t have an an installation disk, you should visit the Canon support site.
    2. When you arrive on the Canon Pixma IP110 setup after landing on the installation page the operating system you are using will be chosen by default. You can change it if you wish.
    3. Click on the button to download the button and you’ll receive the printer installation file on your computer.
    4. Open the Download folder of your personal computer. Double click on the Canon Printer Download file, and follow the steps on how to set up the printer onto your computer.

3. Connect the Canon IP110 to Windows

      1. When setting up the Canon IP110 printer driver choose wireless as a method of collection and then press on the following button.
      2. Choose the connection to the access point and once more select on the following.
      3. Verify that you’ve switched on your printer and that the white light is turned on; after you have checked this out you can move on to on the next.
      4. When you’re trying configure new printers for the very first time select ” Setting printer could not be found in this listing” and then click the next.
      5. Continue to click next on additional screens until you arrive at the page for selecting the setup procedure.
      6. Here , click to enable the cable to set-up and hold your WiFi switch on the printer and release it when the light flashes 2 times.
      7. Then, press the next button until you choose your desired location.
      8. You agree to the terms of the license agreement Canon devices, and remain the following instructions in connection with the Canon IP110 to an Windows computer.
      9. At the end of the process you will be able to print a test sheet and when the installation is complete then select to exit.

Step 4. Connect the Canon IP110 to Mac

      1. After you download the driver either via the CD or on the Canon Support website after the initial setup screen will appear; click the next.
      2. Then you may be asked to enter your admin username as well as password. Click the installer helper.
      3. Next, click wireless LAN connection, then next > Access point connection next.
      4. Check that you’ve switched on your printer, then select the next.
      5. If this is your first time trying to join your printer ensure it’s selected. ( Setting printer could not be located on this list) has been selected. Click the next button.
      6. Click on the Canon guide to setup Click next next, then click to setup your printer using a cable Hold your WIFI switch on the device until your printer’s power light flashes twice, then release it, and press on the following.
      7. If the white lamp remains in place in place, as well as when the WIFI light is blinking rapidly it indicates that the printer has established connections to the network and clicking next.
      8. Click Allow, then Next, select the location, then go to the next screens and choose yes on the license agreement.
      9. Continue to follow the instructions on screen, print one test page, then select quit when the installation has completed.

Need help with your printer? Contact Canon at Canon Helpline at 1-800-477-4488.

No matter if you’re running Mac or Windows and Mac, you can follow these steps to setup Canon IP110 at your workplace. With a simple Canon IP110 drivers installation and download on your PC, you can begin using the printer for stunning images of the highest quality and flawless corporate presentations. If you require assistance you can get in touch with Canon printer support immediately for assistance.

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