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Purpose and outcome of adopting Atkins diet

Atkins diet is a popular low carb diet plan. It has become popular among many people who are suffering from obesity. In this article, we will tell you about the purpose of the Atkins diet. We will also discuss the outcome of this diet plan.


The Atkins Diet was developed to assist you in losing weight as well as keep that off by changing the eating habits. The Atkins Diet thus claims to be a healthy way of eating for a lifetime. It will help you whether you choose to reduce weight, increase your stamina, or help alleviate specific health conditions like increased blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.

Why you might want to try the Atkins Diet

You can enjoy the diversity and quantity of foods included within the diet. If you are looking for a diet which restricts specific carbohydrates to promote weight loss, then you will also like it. If you like to improve your general eating habits, then Atkins Diet will help you in this.

However, before beginning any weight-loss plan, please consult with your doctor or health care provider, especially if you have any medical issues, such as diabetes.

The Atkins Diet menu for a normal day

Here’s an example of what you would eat on an average day on stage 1 of an Atkins Diet:


Eggs scrambled with sautéed onions plus cheddar cheese. Coffee, tea, water, even herbal tea are all acceptable drinks.


Together with an allowed beverage, a chef salad featuring chicken, ham, as well as avocado dressing is served.


Baked salmon steaks, asparagus as well as arugula salad containing cherry tomatoes and peppers, as well as an appropriate beverage


You may usually eat two snacks each day. Snacks may also include the Atkins Diet item like the chocolate shake and granola bar, or even a basic snack like celery plus cheddar cheese.

Outcome of adopting Atkins Diet

i) Loss of weight

This Atkins Diet claims that you really can reduce 15 pounds in the first two weeks on stage one, but that also admits that these are not normal results. This Atkins Diet likewise accepts that you could lose extra water weight at first. This states that you might continue losing weight in stages 2 as well as 3 as far as you do not consume more carbohydrates than the body can handle.

Many people tend to lose fat on practically any calorie-restricted diet, especially  initially. Long-term studies, however, demonstrate how low carb diets, including the Atkins Diet, aren’t any more successful for weight reduction than regular weight-loss diet plans, and most people, irrespective of diet program, gain the weight back they lost.

Since carbohydrates typically contribute more than 50% of the calories taken, the significant cause for weight reduction on Atkins Diet is decreased calorie consumption from consuming less carbohydrates.

According to research, there are additional causes for weight reduction with Atkins Diet. You may lose weight since your food options are limited, and you might just eat less after the added fat and protein leave you feeling fuller for longer. Each of these actions help to reduce overall calorie consumption.

ii) Advantages for health

According to Atkins Diet, this eating plan may help avoid or treat significant health problems like metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disease. For, nearly every diet which aids in weight loss can lower or perhaps even eliminate risk factors for heart disease as well as diabetes.

Furthermore, various weight-loss diets, not only low-carb diet plans, can temporarily improve cholesterol level as well as blood sugar. According to one research, participants who adopted  Atkins Diet exhibited lower triglycerides, implying greater heart health. However, no substantial studies have been conducted to determine whether such advantages last in the long run or extend one’s life expectancy.


Several health experts feel that consuming a high quantity of protein and fat through animal sources, like permitted by Atkins Diet, may raise the risk of cardiovascular disease or certain malignancies. Nevertheless, it’s indeed unknown what long-term hazards, if there are any, Atkins Diet can entail since most research on this have only lasted 2 years or fewer.

Furthermore, Atkins Diet also isn’t suitable for everybody. If you are using diuretics and insulin, or oral diabetic medicines, for instance, Atkins Diet recommends you visit your doctor prior to beginning the diet. Furthermore, persons with severe renal illness must not adopt this diet, as well as the weight-loss stages of the program are not appropriate for pregnant  women.


Atkins diet is a modern diet plan to solve the problem of obesity. If you follow this diet plan carefully, you may be able to lose weight along with several other health benefits. However, pregnant women and people who are suffering from kidney disease should not adopt this diet plan.

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