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Praxis EMR Vs Ezderm EMR- two Electronic Medical Records Software Products Comparison

Other Electronic Medical Records (EMR) programs are available, and Praxis EMR is not always the best option for your needs. Because of this, we have contrasted EZDERM EMR with Praxis EMR, putting one program up against the other. 

Praxis EMR- an overview  

Instead of restricting doctors’ ability to practice medicine using pre-made templates, Praxis EMR employs artificial intelligence to learn from its users and allows them to practice medicine in their unique ways. As a result, quicker charting has a history of consistently delivering customer delight. A patient portal, knowledge exchanger, document manager, and other features are included. 

Let’s check Praxis EMR features

●      Concept Processing

With AI technology that learns and adjusts to users’ preferences over time, users can chart their way. When faced with a well-known or identical case, the system can detect the same content and close the case based on precedent. 

●      Patient-Provider Portal

Use an integrated portal to interact with, inform, and engage patients online. The portal is updated automatically with new patient-related information. In addition, it encourages provider cooperation and population health management. 

●      Intelligent Practice Advisories

Based on patient data, this service offers medical guidance, assistance, and treatment procedures. On-the-go editing and creation are possible with the non-template format. 

●      Document Manager

Paper charts, scanned documents, faxes, and electronic files can all be automatically imported and archived using the system’s document management application, Scan away. 

●      Knowledge Exchanger

Use knowledge bases, communicate with physicians worldwide, and enter data in a way that makes it easier for users to grasp. 

●      Praxis Agents

Medical professionals can use intelligent messengers to communicate on their behalf. The system continuously learns, automates important events and reminders, and aids in patient engagement through a secure email and portal. 

●      Datum+

Enables the use of available text in any language to create, save, and distribute any clinical data efficiently. It also enables participation in any reporting program as needed without setting templates. Facilitates communication between local and international electronic health records. 

Praxis EMR: Why use it? 

For more than 30 years, Praxis EMR has provided services to numerous healthcare companies. It can meet the needs of more than 70 specialties and has continually been praised for its EHR usability for various medical categories. 

Advantages of Praxis EMR Quality Medicine and critical differentiators- Without the frequent modification of templates, which can be complicated and time-consuming, doctors can practice medicine in their way. 

Faster Charting

With the system’s ability to learn patterns and get quicker and wiser, doctors can complete notes in under 45 seconds. 


Thanks to an intuitive and simple-to-use design, doctors can examine their writing and access information on the road. 

Simple to Switch

Go paperless and quickly scan any paper documents. Import patient demographics and sensitive patient charts safely. 

Legal Defense

By keeping distinct records for each patient, you can defend against accusations that you practice cookie-cutter medicine. 

Users review Praxis EMR 

Praxis EMR offers a wide range of options to tailor the product to physicians’ needs and a robust set of capabilities for tasks like invoicing and charting. Another significant feature is its natural intelligence and capacity to absorb lessons from its users. Customer reviews, however, point to a steep learning curve with the gadget that can take some getting accustomed to. But, overall, the software may be a decent option for doctors looking for a customizable EMR. 

Limitations of Praxis EMR 

Based on user feedback, the following restrictions are in effect at the time of this review: 

  • no mobile app 
  • no hospitalist version is available. 

Why should your clinic take into account EZDERM EMR? 

The EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software system’s particular features were developed with dermatological practices in mind. For example, the 3D Body Maps feature helps clinicians better document patient visits. More than 3,000 anatomical sites allow for visual documentation. Additionally, a progress note tool built into the EZDERM EMR software will enable doctors to keep tabs on their patients’ progress by writing thorough notes while they get therapy.

Practitioners may monitor all patient issues from the beginning of therapy until its conclusion with the help of the EZDERM EHR & PM software solution, providing optimum patient satisfaction. In addition, the application, which is available via cell phones, enables doctors and patients to capture images and immediately share them. Another element of the EZDERM EMR software is a patient portal, which helps patients make appointments, order drugs, renew prescriptions, and perform other tasks. 

EZDERM EMR won the 2013 Healthcare Solutions Technology Award. The program enables the automatic generation of CPT, 1CD-10, and E&M codes. In addition, the system provides a Pharmacy Geolocation function that aids in finding patients’ preferred pharmacies to save time and clear up confusion when seeking the pharmacy. The EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software includes PQRS reporting. 

Features overview EZDERM EMR 

The EZDERM Electronic Health Records Software is an excellent EHR program created for dermatology practices. Any iPad or iMac with an internet connection can use the application, which is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. 

The EZDERM EMR system provides various distinctive features created exclusively for dermatology practices. It has 3D Body Maps, which help medical professionals visually record patient visits by using more than 3,000 anatomical regions. A progress note tool in the EZDERM Electronic Health Records (EHR) software helps doctors maintain short, medically accurate notes without endangering medical practice during audits. 

The EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software solution keeps track of how diagnostic image results were received and enables healthcare workers to follow each patient’s issues from start to finish. Clinicians may easily capture images, share them with their patients, and access data housed in the health IT system thanks to its iPad characteristics. Another component of the system that helps patients schedule visits and request prescription refills is a patient portal.

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