Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee review: A poignant high school tale

People who belong to the 90s always used to cherish their memories due to various reasons. From living to the stuff they experienced that falls at the right place. To be honest, it is a simpler way of living compared to the 2000s. Now, such a period is missing, most of them are looking back to their past and cherish the memories. Even we can see that some of the movies that come up with such chapters always strike the right chord. If you would like to watch such movies involving good school portions and lots of things which bring lots of nostalgia, then Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee comes here.

Cast list of Mudha Nee Mudivum Nee

This movie was directed by Darbuka Siva who was already a composer and turned out to be a debut maker. Well, this movie is all about kishen das who wants to become a composer/singer in future. However, the movie begins from schooling then travels towards reunion after a gap. Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee involves several actors like Kishen Das, Meetha Raghunath and more. With so many scenes packaged in a first half it revolves around in school from 10th to 12th which includes the farewell portions too.

Released in OTT zee5

Well, most of the scenes in this movie make you feel nostalgic for sure. For information, this movie was released in OTT Zee5 which has already grabbed the attention of people recently. Also, going gaga over this movie and started their memories on social media platforms. This shows how much the movie has grabbed the attention of people. So, people who would like to watch the movie, they need to stream on Zee5 and watch it to get a greater experience than expected. At the same time, the plot isn’t that strong, but moves in a pleasant way.

Acting skills of cast

When it comes to the 2nd half, the movie isn’t only focused on lead actors, but started to cover all the supporting casts and their backstories as well. Here, people might feel that this movie isn’t moving, because the second half stays only in a club for reunion. Till the end, the 2nd half here stayed in the club, but the director somewhat managed to lead with good acting from actors and music. When you have a look at music, Darbuka siva himself composed with a good bunch of singers involved. This is the reason why people are listening to the music of this movie.

Get back to your old memories

The best thing about this movie is that it involved loads of stuff like cassettes, RX 100, Walkman tapes, spenzer plaza and more. This thing really makes you feel that getting back to long back in your life. So, people who are all really interested in getting a more nostalgic feel, then this is the right time to switch over Zee5. Watch this simple and beautiful movie to get back to the past. Hopefully, you will like it for sure. Also, recently Title track video song by sid sriram has been released on YouTube which is gradually attracting the people gradually.

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