Lucidchart pricing Vs Hubstaff pricing: A Comprehensive Analysis 

Lucidchart is a tool that businesses and individuals can use to meet their diagramming needs. Six million users worldwide use this web-based, user-friendly flowchart platform. People wishing to develop flow charts, UML, wireframes, and many other types of diagrams will enjoy its features.  and capabilities. Users of Lucidchart’s system can be found in fields including engineering, web design, and web development. It is also an excellent tool for project management and easy integration with web platforms and web applications. Hubstaff has everything needed to manage teams, whether companies are launching a new team or a better method to manage employees. Enterprises can track their team’s time with: 

  • detailed timesheets 
  • GPS tracking 
  • project management.  

This can be done with the task module with the innovative and powerful time tracking and task management solution. Enterprises track their employees’ time using lightweight desktop, web, iOS, and Android apps. This offers optional screenshot and app tracking, mouse and keyboard usage, and even on-site time with custom functions, etc.  

Below you will perceive more detail about Hubstaff Pricing and Lucident Pricing

Lucidchart Software  

A cloud-based tool called Lucidchart assists small to large businesses in the: 

  • managing projects 
  • data visualization 
  • diagramming procedures.  

Users may see business processes and exchange process maps with companies using the platform. These speeds up the implementation of crucial innovations. Data import, process mapping, feedback management, customizable templates, diagramming, etc. are some features. To determine the needs of staff and teams, users can design organizational charts and upload employee data. By setting up user access and distributing licenses to everyone it enables firms to handle crucial documents. 

Lucidchart Software Key Features 

Ease of Use 

Using Lucidchart has several advantages, one of which is how user-friendly and dependable it is. No matter if the user is alone a professional, a talented worker in a small business, or in a large company, there is no steep learning curve. Users will take advantage of all the system has to offer right away. Its ease of use has been praised by many. It is also very robust. 

Charting and Diagrams 

Since Lucidchart makes it simple to create, edit, and share flowcharts and diagrams. Users who lack design skills should not fear using the platform. It’s ideal for producing visually appealing and presented organizational charts. And also, business presentations, and even something as basic as emergency escape graphics. 


Since Lucidchart adapts to the users’ processes, there is no need to modify the system while integrating it. Popular tools and businesses like Atlassian, Google Drive, JIVE, Google Apps, etc. are simple to combine with Lucidchart. These charts and diagrams can easily be exported because the platform supports a variety of file types. 

Lucidchart Software Pricing  

The Lucidchart pricing offers four models. The first one is free of cost. The second is Individual and starts at $7.95. The Team costs $9 per month and the last one is Enterprise which is a customizable option. These allow users from all backgrounds to use the software. 

Lucidchart Demo  

With the Lucidchart demo, users are able to figure out how the software works.  

Lucidchart Reviews 

One of the most user-friendly diagram programs available is Lucidchart. LucidChart is used by 99% of Fortune 500 firms, which proves this. There is a ton of templates to pick from that appear neat and professional. Extremely responsive and easy-to-use web application. 

Hubstaff Software  

A time-tracking SaaS with a focus on remote work is Hubstaff. An accountability structure, activity recording, screenshot capture, and geofencing, is included.  In addition to basic punch-in and punch-out. While eyeing an employee’s and project’s productivity, managers can create schedules and manage work. It converts logged hours into timesheets and reports without a hitch. Yet enabling payroll processing and company intelligence. By keeping track of expenses, managing payments, and setting pay rates it aids home healthcare organizations. It provides off-site or temporary worker assistance for iOS and Android mobile devices. Hubstaff enables team leaders to: 

  • see through information 
  • submit customer bills, 
  • and even directly pay staff members based on their working hours and flexible pay scales. 

Hubstaff Software Key Features 

Time Tracking 

Employers may see exactly how much time is spent on each activity by breaking down time tracking by project and task. While on the job, employees can create their own assignments within the app. 

Time Off Management 

The software can put in place procedures for time off, including for holidays. Individual time off rules may apply to employees, and time off may be determined by annual rates, accrual, and negative balances. Holidays are also taken into account. The employee schedule can immediately incorporate these. 


Businesses can select the amount of time tracking they require based on their budgets thanks to scaled pricing. For some firms, a free edition is adequate. However, other businesses want more comprehensive accountability features. Automating project costing, time off, and payroll for businesses helps them manage finances. 

Hubstaff Pricing 

The software offers a free subscription model, that is, for $0. The second pricing plan is Desk Starter which costs $5.83 per user per month. The third plan is Desk Pro which comes for $8.33 per user every month. Users can choose which plan suits their budget. Pricing varies on the basis of features. A free trial is very useful. 

Hubstaff Demo 

With the demo, you can get familiar with the software. It gives you an idea of the software’s performance. Moreover, it also saves money.  

Hubstaff Reviews 

The time tracking program Hubstaff is excellent. Users appreciate this software’s time accuracy and ease of tracking staff productivity. On the other hand, there is a slight delay in customer support. Users sometimes experienced problems using Windows PCs. Hubstaff needs to make this area more user-friendly for Windows. 


Both the software have great features and capabilities. But it is important to choose the most suitable one for your business.  

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