Keep your device secure with up to date version

Updating your programs and OS is necessary. The user installs a program on the system for performing specific tasks. When the new update of your program is available then you must install it. These updates are necessary for your program. When the new virus appears to harm the program; the company provides the new update to the user. The update provides the fix patches to the program. After updating the program; you can use it without any concerns. Users must update the OS and all the installed programs on the device regularly.

Updating Windows devices to the latest version

OS update is very essential to the device. Users should enable the update notification on the device. Whenever a new update for the system appears; the user gets a notification. Your device should connect to the internet for installing the update. If the update notification is not available then you should check for new Windows updates regularly. When you see the update; install it and restart the device to apply. After updating the OS; users can easily work on the device.

Updating drivers on the device

There are many drivers on the system like sound drivers, printer drivers, etc. These drivers also require regular updates. Without an update; your device may not work correctly. Say, if your sound driver is outdated then you may face issues with your microphone or speaker. Users must install the latest update of the drivers. Open the device and go to your Device manager

  1. Choose the category and right-click to update
  2. Click on Search automatically for an update

Hit on the Update driver option. Your driver will start updating the system. If you can’t update all the drivers manually then try running the driver update tool. Users can install an update tool on the web. Search for a compatible tool and then install it on your device. Now run your tool and then it will scan for all the drivers on the system. When any driver is outdated; your tool will update it automatically. After updating the drivers; remove the driver update tool and now you can run your system without any error.

Update your antivirus

Antivirus keeps the device secure from threats. You will get a regular update to your antivirus. Most antivirus provides auto-update features. Antivirus will get updated automatically if connected to the internet. But few users reported that they are getting Norton security error 8504 and 100 while updating antivirus. The common reason behind the update failing is the weak internet. But the program may get an update error due to other reasons.

Troubleshooting program update failed error

Check the internet

Your program’s update process may get interrupted when the internet is not stable. Users need to check the internet connection before updating the program. If the internet is now smooth then wait for some time. Start the updating process when the internet speed is good. Otherwise, the update will show an error. Users should update the programs under a secure internet connection.

Check system’s free disk space

The update process often fails when the space is low. Many programs on the system provide auto-update features. When the update arrives and you have the internet then the update will install automatically. But when free space is low; your program won’t update automatically. Low space also shows errors while running certain programs. You have to increase the free hard disk space on the device. Now go to your device and remove the large files to free the disk space. Once the system gets good space; your program will start installing the update.

Run antivirus on the system

Virus infection can be a reason behind update failed issues. When the system is dealing with viruses; many programs and functions stop working. The user has to remove all the threats from the device. But finding and removing the viruses and malware manually is not simple. You have to use a security program for removing the viruses. Get a good antivirus that has good malware detection and removal rate. Open your antivirus and then run the scan. Use the full scan option to remove all viruses. Now restart the system and then try to update. When you are getting an update error with a particular program then try to reinstall it. The program shows update issues when files are corrupted. Reinstall it and you will get the updated version of the program.

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