How To Understand Your Gothic Teen Better?

Over the past few years, one of the most popular fashions and trends to evolve is the gothic teen. While “Gothic” refers to a lifestyle and attitude among the youth of today, it manifests a typical dark fashion and outlook towards life. Usually, the defiance of Gothic teens can be attributed to their feelings of hopelessness and sorrow, but there could be other reasons too. A wide range of gothic teens subscribes to gothic fashion. If a teen at home is giving you a tough time and you are making efforts to understand his/her mind-set, it is best to tap into gothic accessories and clothing. After all, their sense of fashion and their personality go hand in hand.

Gothic Lifestyle

To understand the gothic culture, fashion, and trends, it is very important to know the meaning behind such choices. But before that, let us also acknowledge the fact that misleading misconceptions about the gothic teen and their beliefs can be disheartening.

People often believe that gothic teens are obsessed with death. They are even believed to be vampires and Satan worshippers. However, these are remote possibilities only. Most gothic teens are Christians or they choose other religious beliefs. Some may have family values too.

Gothic teens have an unusual taste for music. They prefer punk rock, Rob Zombie, and Frank Sinatra. Understand that if your teen has gothic values, he/she is not obsessed with evil, Satan, or death. Simply put, they may just have an affinity for darker fashion such as Goth trousers.

gothic accessories

Gothic Clothing And Appearance

Gothic clothing is, perhaps, the most distinct characteristic of teenagers following this lifestyle. They often sport black-coloured clothing, including a gothic cape. Almost all the outfits are layered in black. Teens mainly prefer black pants with a black gothic blouse or shirt. This type of attire conveys the right mood of sadness and fascinates with dark beliefs.

Contrastingly, teens also like to wear gothic makeup. The makeup is generally meant to make the skin paler for both men and women. They apply makeup on their faces to convey the right attitude. The light or white makeup is a glaring contrast to their dark clothing. But, some teens also prefer black mascara, which complements their macabre look. Dark or black lipstick is a common makeup item that adds to the gothic smartness. Furthermore, dark purple and black nail polish blend perfectly with the look.

gothic cape

Gothic Accessories

Gothic accessories are available almost everywhere. Several online stores offer a full range of accessories. You can also find dark clothes in brick-and-mortar stores. Gothic teens choose to buy their accessories and attire from the local second-hand shops to wear a vintage appeal. Either way, accessories, and clothing are inexpensive.

Besides black wardrobes and makeup, gothic boys and girls also add punk jewelry to accentuate their look. Skulls are considered a common motif. Skulls are available in different styles, either engraved or even in a bracelet form. Skull necklaces and rings are also common gothic accessories.

Crosses are also common accessories for goths. However, the only difference is gothic crosses include the Celtic versions, not the Protestant version. Gothic teens also wear various necklaces of different lengths for a layered appearance.

gothic accessories

Fishnet is a very common accessory among Goth girls. Unlike stockings, these Goth accessories lend a fascinating look.  Different colours are available, though black remains the favourite. Even blood red and dark purple are preferred.

Shoes are an equally important type of accessory for gothic teens. Black shoes and boots are the preferred choices.

Gothic Hairstyles

While the outfits, makeup, and gothic accessories convey the right attitude, hairstyle is equally important. Gothic teens either sport a long or short hairstyle. Hairstyles can be gender-versed too, which means girls wearing shorter hair and boys sporting longer hair. Shorter hairdos with spikes are creative for gothic teens. However, some teens choose outrageous hairstyles to stand out, while teens even prefer shaved heads for a sheer gothic look.

Accepting Your Gothic Teen

Whilst gothic fashion might not look attractive or conventional, it is just a passing phase. The fad passes away in a few months and eventually, teens outgrow the trend.

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The only way of helping a gothic teen is acknowledging and understanding his/her feelings. Goths are a subculture, and teens are ridiculed quite often in school and other places. As a result, they may start staying aloof or depressed without any significant reason.

Wearing a gothic look and sporting dark clothing is still acceptable than teens having a miserable outlook towards life.

Last Word

With this aforementioned information, you will probably understand your teen and their likings better. Just as adults, teens are also an integral part of the subculture. Support your kids when they are trying to change over to an alternative lifestyle.

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