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How to Set Up a Fireplace Space in Your Home this Winter Season?

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As the winter season is going on, one may want to have a cozy and comfortable fireplace space inside their home because of the reason they don’t like an inverter or it costs too much. In general, the traditional methods of warming up are great like people in past used to have furnaces, stove or coal-burning but with time everything gets modernized so now people use inverters or heaters. But some people like to have a fireplace inside their home to enjoy that traditional method but with a modern look. You can hire an expert from the Top 10 interior fit-out companies in Dubai or Style me interiors Dubai to have the best ideas regarding this. Here are some of the simple tips to make your fireplace in the home.

  • Where to install:

The first thing is to have an idea about the location where you want to install it, you can install it anywhere in the house in any corner but there are some factors you have to consider, first one if your room is rectangular then you place it along the larger wall and if it’s square then you can install it alongside any wall. Then you have to place some luxury sofas, rugs or chairs or you can simply make a floor sitting by adding ballast, cushions pillows to make it more comfortable.

  • Kinds of the fireplace:

There are mostly used two kinds of fireplaces. One is a wood fireplace and the other one is an electrical fireplace. Wooden fireplaces are mostly used in homes. Where there are no kids or pets because you have to be careful that they don’t end up burning themselves. The electric fireplaces are more recommended because they are reliable and safe to use you just have to plug in and the heating process will start plus they are economically beneficial.

  • Patio fire pits:

Patios or outside fire pits are amazing to have because you can take advantage of them by just building them up once with bricks. You can use it for making Sunday brunches or for barbecue nights when there is a large gathering. Enjoy by just putting some chairs around and eating barbecues at night with your family or colleagues in the winter season. Additionally, you don’t have to clean a lot of mess around. But just a normal cleaning so fire pits are a must in your home.

  • Do’s and Don’t’s:

Whenever you are planning to have a fireplace or fire pit inside your home. You have to make sure that there are no burning materials around, install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Hire a team to make it clean on regular basis. And the flames are covered with glass to protect the individuals.


These are some of the guidelines to follow while building up a fireplace. Hire an expert from Residential interior design Dubai to have the best experience. All you need to do is to grab your favorite book. A bowl of popcorn or favorite snacks to enjoy while sitting in front of the fireplace. Or you can enjoy your favorite music also to have the best and most amazing time.


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