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How Effective Are Mice Traps for Mice Control in Kitchener?

Mice are dangerous and troublesome pests that people are rightly afraid of. Residential and commercial spaces often deal with a mice infestation when they don’t take the right steps to avoid it. Hiring a professional for mice control in Kitchener can get rid of mice from a property safely and effectively. Nonetheless, some people prefer dealing with a mice infestation themselves. They may bring mice traps in their homes for mice control because it seems a cheaper alternative to them. Additionally, mice traps can get rid of the mice from your home successfully, provided that you deploy them correctly.

Effectiveness of Mice Traps

The effectiveness of using mice traps to eradicate an entire mice colony depends on how you utilize them. Additionally, the effectiveness of mice traps is contingent on the severity of a mice infestation. However, you shouldn’t deploy mice traps yourself to get rid of a mice infestation unless you are an expert. You can make the mice situation even worse if you fail in using mice traps effectively. Instead, you should leave the job of mice control to professionals like Pesticon, a reputable mice control service. Professionals can effectively get rid of a mice infestation using the best mice control methods. Moreover, when professionals eradicate mice from your home, you can feel safe from mice for at least six months.

Types of Mice Traps

You can purchase different types of mice traps from the market, with some more or less effective than the other. Snap traps for mice control are the most popular because they kill mice instantly when mice step on them. Besides, using snap traps for mice extermination is a traditional method of mice control. Electronic traps are even better than traditional snap traps, which give mice an electrical shock to immediately kill them. The most humane traps for mice control are multi-catch traps. Multi-catch traps can trap up to thirty mice without hurting them so that you can bring the mice outside. Glue traps are the most inhumane and the pest control community strongly dislikes these traps. They can trap mice or other small animals onto their sticky surfaces to let them starve to death.

The Problem with Mice Control Traps 

You need to use mice traps for mice control in Kitchener in large amounts and place them correctly. If you don’t utilize mice traps properly, you will fail in exterminating the mice infestation. In addition to using mice traps properly, you can’t overlook the problem of how mice breed. Mice breed fast, and you will require a continuous mice treatment to deal with the mice colony’s reproductive cycle. 

Moreover, mice always take the same paths every day when they infest a property. Thus, you should place mice traps in the same area where mice go daily. Then, you will need to check and rebait frequently to realize how effectively you have utilized mice traps. Exterminating some of the mice via mice traps will provide the rest of the mice colony with more food. Hence, you can’t deal with a mice infestation successfully if you eradicate only a few mice while using mice traps.

Mouse-Proofing Is the Way to Go 

The key to eliminating a mice infestation is mouse-proofing the home. If mice have infested your residential space, there’s a reason behind it that you need to know. Realizing the reason behind mice infestation will help you resolve the issue to avoid a future mice infestation. You should inspect your home and look for gaps that the mice are probably using to get inside. If you find any gaps or cracks, you must seal them immediately. Consider blocking off your vents with steel mesh and placing weather stripping to the bottom edges of your doors. Make sure your home is clean and tidy. Lessen the clutter as much as you can in and around your home. Plus, store food in firmly sealed containers. 

Mouse-proofing won’t only prevent a future mice infestation but also encourage the mice to consume baits you placed. As a result, you will eliminate a mice infestation effectively.

Mice Traps or Professional Mice Control

Mice traps will work as long as you deploy them correctly to make them effective against the mice. However, you shouldn’t deploy mice traps to get rid of a mice infestation unless you are an expert. Always prioritize professionals for mice control to make sure no mice remain in your home. Additionally, professionals can safely get rid of the dead mice from your property that dies during the mice treatment. Hence, professional mice control ensures safe and effective extermination as compared to DIY mice control.


Mice are perilous and difficult pests to exterminate. Yet, you may choose to get rid of a mice infestation yourself using mice traps. Snap traps, electronic traps, multi-catch traps, and glue traps are your options for mice control. However, you can’t exterminate mice from your home successfully unless you deploy mice traps correctly. Lastly, consider hiring professionals for mice control in Kitchener over DIY mice control to ensure a successful mice extermination.  

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