How does a WordPress development company shape your business?

WordPress is becoming one of the most preferred choices for businesses to mark their digital presence. If you are also looking forward to a website for your company, using services from the WordPress development company can be a great relief.

When we talk about the popular content management systems available these days, nothing can beat the popularity of WordPress. It is one of the oldest platforms to run blogs and websites. Industries all around the globe are moving to digital platforms rapidly. 

As per recent studies, more than 40% of websites operating these days use WordPress. It is self-explanatory about the advantages and benefits of WordPress over other platforms like Shopify and Magento. 

Today we will discuss the importance and benefits of the decision to hire WordPress developers for your business websites. Before we start with the benefits, let’s look at some interesting facts about this platform.

Facts that Makes it the best choice to hire WordPress developer

  • There are more than 50 million new posts on WordPress websites each month.
  • WordPress has a dominant market share that will exceed up to 45% in 2022.
  • WordPress offers you more than 50000 extensions or plugins for improved functionalities.
  • Around 1 million new WordPress websites emerged in the past six months.
  • More than 1500 popular brands use WordPress to market their products and services.
  • WordPress is available in more than 190 languages that help you penetrate different regions around the globe.
  • WordPress has inbuilt features to support Search engine ranking and crawling issues.

Why do you need a WordPress development company?

Below are some of the most crucial advantages that your get by choosing to take the help of a professional WordPress development company for your business:-

  • A Customised Website

It is not a hidden fact that every business has its unique requirements. They also have different ways to interact with their customers or clients. For example, a travel booking business has a completely different way to interact with users than the fashion business. 

A similar rule applies to business websites too. You need to hire WordPress developers for various kinds of customizations. Only the experts with reputed WordPress development companies have expertise in customizations of the websites.

  • Adhering to Brand Values

Numerous traits are required on your websites to reflect the brand values of your business. Even things like logos, banners, presentations, and thankyou pages can play a vital role in establishing your brand.

When you hire a WordPress developer, he will help you ensure that the website’s components match the brand values. He can help you modify or tweak the themes, templates, and even third-party extensions for best results and maximum satisfaction.

  • Integrating the Custom Payment Solutions

If you study the trends in the eCommerce industry, you can notice that payment gateways can turn into decisive factors for your success. There are many different types of gateways like PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Virtual Currencies, and many more. 

Only a skilled developer can help you with the integration of these payment gateways to ease the transactions made by your customers.

  • Technical support

eCommerce business is not just about building a website and making it live. Your website may run through [problems like cyber attacks, the need for the latest updates, and more. By having a good WordPress development company by your side, you can ensure to encounter all these problems effectively.

The technical support for your WordPress developer will help you to avoid downtime. It can be seen as a great asset as even a few minutes of downtime can cause a significant loss of revenues.

  • Making your Website more SEO friendly

Organic traffic is one of the most vital things for a successful eCommerce business. Your decision to hire a WordPress developer with efficient skills can help you make your website more search-friendly.

By achieving better search engine rankings for your websites, you can get organic traffic. Such traffic is vital to creating your brand value and reputation in the digital industry.

  • Competitor analysis and analytical tools

You can’t survive the tough competition of the digital universe without using competitor analysis and performance monitoring tools. An experienced WordPress development company knows the most suitable analytical tools for your website.

You can integrate those tools to keep a watch on your performance as well as the competitors in your industry. They will also help you to perform the competitor analysis so that you can identify the features that work best for the businesses like yours.


These were some of the prominent advantages of using the services of WordPress development company. Your business deserves the digital platforms that can excel in its growth and provide you with enhanced reach. Your decision to hire WordPress developer for your business website will provide you with satisfactory and progressive results.

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