How Can Real Estate Lawyers Help with Construction Project Management?

Construction or building projects can be affected by numerous problems which can lead to litigation that is based on liability issues. These may be through defective parts or materials, workers becoming injured, breached contracts, third-party problems, and clients that are not satisfied with the results. Therefore, if you have a building project, you should strive to ensure that the project’s plan and design are protected from any possible disasters by hiring professionals to analyze the blueprints, materials, and other factors. Professionals like real estate lawyers can help you with construction project management by offering legal advice and services to ensure the whole building activity runs smoothly from the beginning to the end.

Real estate lawyers can advise different organizations at every level of the contracting chain, including but not limited to property owners, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants. This is because they have specialist knowledge about construction contracts and can give you advice when issues arise out of the contracts, for example, concerning payment issues, defects, and variations. In addition, real estate lawyers can help you with construction project management in the following ways.

By offering front-end advice

A lawyer can give you valuable advice when you are setting up a new project. This type of advice is called front-end advice. For principals like property owners, occupiers, and developers, this advice includes the types of contracts that are most suitable, preparing the conditions of the tender, and preparing a form of contract. In addition, a lawyer can advise principals on how to create letters of intent and appointment and early work contracts. Moreover, lawyers can offer services to consultants, contractors, and suppliers. These services include but are not limited to reviewing contracts, advising on the terms of intent, and preparing tender qualifications. The legal experts can also negotiate, draft and advise their clients on contract amendments.

By offering back-end advice

Back-end advice refers to advise on construction disputes. The most common issues which bring about disputes include defects and delays in payment. Lawyers who offer back-end advice usually have experience in many dispute resolution processes like arbitration, mediation, litigation, and expert determination. Therefore, they can give you the best advice on how you can resolve your case. It’s best to follow their lead during your case. You want to make sure you are getting all the information and using it to your advantage in these types of scenarios.

By providing templates, systems, and training

Construction contracts typically involve a lot of administration and management. This starts with contract signing, goes through the claims administration, and finally ends after the completion of the defect’s liability. A legal expert can offer support in this area by preparing document templates such as forms of contracts, requests for tender, letters of acceptance, standard tender clarifications, and contract administration flowcharts. In addition, a lawyer can help to design internal systems for specific processes like variation administration, contract entry, progress certificates, and progress claims. Moreover, the expert can offer training like contract management training or contract entry training.


If you have a construction project, you should consider hiring professionals like real estate lawyers who can guide you through the whole process. The professionals can offer legal advice and services to ensure the whole project runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. Having a legal professional on your side can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. It’s best to keep yourself covered during your project and know your rights. Make sure to do the right amount of research and find the legal team that works for you.

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