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Here are 7 tips to take care of your skin this summer

The summer is upon us. If you don’t want your skin to be unhappy about coming back next winter, get to work. The summer season is when the skin risks increase. This is due to the increased exposure to high temperatures and the fact that sweating increases humidity which makes the skin more vulnerable to infection.

You probably know many skincare tips start with the importance of cleaning and maintaining healthy skin. Although this should be done throughout the year, these tips are included in this list to help you take care of your skin from the sun.

  1. Summer skin should be clean and toned

Summer daily cleansing should use products that suit our skin type. They should also be soft so they don’t alter the natural protective skin barrier. However, they can help remove accumulated grease, dirt, and other debris. You should also avoid using materials that scratch or rub the skin, such as soft brushes or sponges.

To avoid fungus appearing on your skin, it is important to not share towels with others. We will perform the facial routine with our regular products and apply toner.

  1. Summer facial hydration

Moisturizing creams, sprays, and lotions can help to restore any lost moisture. They are also very useful in cases where heat or water dry out the skin. It is important to note that these products have moisturizing and emollient qualities, which allow water to remain and be retained, and above all, they are constant.

Remember that soap can cause the skin to become dry if it is used in the shower. Therefore, you should apply the cream at the very least once per day after showering. After cleansing and toning, apply your regular treatment to the face.

  1. Fresh and raw foods are the best.

Healthy eating habits and food are important in summer because of the high water content and the vitamins that provide energy such as vitamins A, B, and E.

The latter is especially important because it is essential for skin care as it helps prevent cell degeneration, regenerate scars, and improves blood flow to the skin. This will allow us to have an active metabolism, which will make us healthier both internally and externally.

Vitamin E can be found in vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and tomato as well as oils, nuts, and fish.

  1. Sun exposure

The sun is a good thing. It can tan us but also dehydrates and can burn. It is best to avoid direct sunlight during the middle hours of the day. This is when it reaches us the most. When you’ve been in direct sunlight for a while, take advantage of shaded areas and protect your skin.

Accessory items such as caps, sunglasses, and hats can protect your eyes and head. You can also protect your eyes and head with accessories such as sunglasses, caps, and hats.

  1. Breathable clothing is recommended

Breathable fabrics are recommended for skincare. Avoiding wearing clothing or shoes that encourage sweating can lead to the appearance of fungi or can cause skin irritations.

  1. Get plenty of water

It is vital to consume water every day, every day of the year. An average of 2 Liters of water per day would be recommended. However, in summer, and because our body needs water more to function correctly, to maintain body temperature, and to stay hydrated, we must increase our water intake and eat foods rich in water.

  1. Get enough sleep

The cells of our bodies are created and regenerated during sleep. It is therefore important to have a stable sleeping schedule and to sleep at least 8 hours per night so that our inner strength can be regained. We also have activated cell metabolism which helps to maintain healthy skin. condition.

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