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Healthland Centriq EMR Vs. Amazing Charts EMR: A Comprehensive 2022 Review

Healthland Centriq EMR

Healthland is a cloud-based, comprehensive, and easily customizable Electronic Health Software. It is designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized rural and community medical practices. Major disciplines that benefit from it are: Laboratories, Pharmacies, Clinics, radiology, & emergency medicine.

Healthland Centriq’s integrated financial management, EMR, and pharmacy modules are really advantageous for medical practices. For medical facilities, which need to coordinate treatments across specialties to enhance the quality of patient care and eliminate errors. Centriq Healthland system integrates technologies designed to improve communication among physicians, support workers, and nurses. It considerably enhances the treatment process efficiency. For example, its CPOE module helps practitioners in completing and reviewing orders swiftly. Also, it reduces the errors occurring due to paper records.

Healthland Centriq EMR Features

Healthland Centriq offers some features to its customers, i.e.:

Customizable Dashboard

Healthland Centriq’s customizable dashboard feature is appreciated by most of its users. It lets you view all your daily tasks on a single screen. Which helps in improving the overall performance of your practice. The dashboard is easy-to-use and allows rapid transition from one function to another. It streamlines things for you, which is beneficial for saving money and resources. Moreover, this feature makes life much easier for you and your team members.   

Streamlined Patient Charting

Patient documentation and charting is the essential aspect of any medical practice. Healthland Centriq makes this process much easier for you, as you can see whatever needs to be done right away. Its detailed charts help you to find any information within seconds. Anything from a patient’s current vitals to the clinical summary, and more.

Automated Workflow

Its computerized and automatic features help you to increase your practice’s overall efficiency. It reduces the time required for completing documentation, which ma time and energy. To save you even more time, energy, and effort, it doesn’t require rereading and redoing any of the paperwork.

 The number of your usual documentation mistakes can be reduced considerably with the help of Healthland Centriq EHR. It automates various aspects of document completion. It also presents useful ideas and reminders to assist you in avoiding your usual mistakes.

Financial Management

Insurance claim processing and billing are essential aspects of any medical practice. Many practices end up with wrong and inappropriate billing resulting from human errors. But, Healthland Centriq EMR can help you lower the possibility of human errors. It can also improve the accuracy of your invoices.

Healthland provides you with an excellent billing tool for improved financial efficiency. Moreover, all critical tasks are automated with its Billing software. For instance, most medical practices usually deny their insurance claims. But Healthland Centriq takes care of all your insurance claims. And it also reduces the possibility of claim denials.    

Healthland Centriq EMR Pricing

The EMR pricing usually depends upon many factors like:

 practice type, size, and the number of users. Healthland Centriq EMR Pricing details are not provided on the vendor website. Head to the vendor website to get a customized quote based on your practice requirements.

You can also request a Healthland Centriq EMR demo. It can assist you in knowing about the functions & features of the software. It can help you make a better choice before your final purchase.

Healthland Centriq EMR Reviews

Healthland Centriq EMR reviews are majorly positive. As it has a high rating on the most competitive websites. The Healthland Centriq pros according to reviewers are:

The software is extremely customizable, it allows customers to construct their claim evaluations. It has a user-friendly interface. And, its customer support team is very responsive.

Some of the cons of Healthland Centriq EMR are: Lack of accessibility; the software is not available on mobile devices. Lack of features; it offers less features as compared to its competitors.

Amazing Charts EMR

Amazing Charts EMR was created by a practicing family physician, to meet the needs of independent practice. EMR Amazing Charts provides a comprehensive system to manage





inter-office communication, and more.

It also provides a practice management (PM) solution integrated with Amazing Charts EHR. It helps with clinical documentation and financial management workflow. Its built-in billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) module is beneficial for managing the entire patient visit with a single system. Moreover, Amazing Charts EMR is Meaningful Use Certified. It is also Dragon Naturally Speaking and Surescripts e-prescription network certified.    

Amazing Charts EMR Features


Patient prescriptions can also be sent automatically to the pharmacies and also to check for drug interactions. It is possible due to SureScripts certified technology NewCrop.

Centralized data

A single dashboard can be used for all your important data points and screens. The dashboard is

All of your important data points and screens are available from a single dashboard. To tab through patient information (demographics, diagnoses, history, visits, summaries, etc.) this dashboard can be really useful.

Flexible deployment

Amazing Charts EMR can be deployed both on cloud and on-premise. If you want to go for its ‘Amazing Charts in the cloud’ plan, your maintenance and troubleshooting will be taken care of by the company. It also provides 24/ 7 cloud access. Also, remote scanning and printing, pre-configured dashboards, and device-agonistic access is offered without any VPN. 

Patient Portal

Amazing Charts EMR’s patient portal feature allows you to increase the level of your client interaction in and out of clinics. It offers features like: educational content, electronic messaging, test results, visit summaries, and more.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

Amazing Charts EHR pricing is pretty much affordable. It is a top-rated EHR for its usability and overall satisfaction rate. Its pricing plans start at $229/ month. You can avail yourself of both its monthly or annual pricing choice. Contact the vendor to get help in choosing the right option for your practice!

You can request a free Amazing Charts EMR demo to get to know about the software’s features and functionalities. It can provide you with a clear picture of the product, to help you decide its feasibility for your medical practice.

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews

Amazing Charts EMR reviews are mostly positive. The software is ideal for any medical practitioner looking to maximize efficiency. According to the reviewers its best-liked features are:

Its modernized toolkit, its user-friendly interface, helpful support team, and automatic software updates.

Its least-liked features, according to its reviewers, are:

The system crashes due to frequent updates. The support team is inattentive.

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