Eighteen best Gifts for Artists 2022

Fifteen best Gifts for Artists 2022: Painting, Drawing, and Supplies. Choosing a gift for an artist can be a little daunting when you’re unsure what they might like or what materials they’ll need. Do not worry! We’ve found plenty of artist gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

Whether you’re peeking for a birthday gift or a Christmas present for the artist in your vitality, you’re sure to find something suitable in our selection of the best gifts for artists of all ages and skill levels.

This guide will go over gift ideas for artists, artists who draw, painters, and the best gifts for young artists. We have everything from beautiful watercolor sets to elegant ceramic brush holders that are used in pencil drawings. There are accessories, art materials, and much more.

15 gift ideas for artists

Skillshare Art Courses

Skillshare is a website and app that offers various online courses, including art courses. There are tutorials wrapping everything from the basics of acrylic artwork to sketch and watercolor designs. An experienced artist presents each lesson, so you’re bound to take away some great tips!

Although Skillshare does not currently offer gift cards, you can always autograph for a subscription on behalf of somebody else and place access for that person.

Artist at work

This solid color print would make a great gift to brighten up a studio or art space. It features botanical designs of leaves and flowers and has a charming style inspired by folk art. It comes in diverse sizes so that you can select the right one for your favorite artist.

Melamine order desk

Keep your art space tidy and organized with these colorful melamine desk items! This colorful desk helps you stay organized and is easy to wash. A pretty and functional gift for any artist! Unrestricted in blue or pink.

Eat the sleep art hoodie.

This comfortable sweater would complete a beautiful gift for the artist in your life. It includes a lumpy black slogan and a silky lining, perfect for lounging or wearing while you get creative. This model is available in different sizes for men and women.

Personalized apron

If you’re looking for gifts for painters (or artists who love other messy mediums like printing!), this personalized apron would be a fantastic choice. It has a beautiful botanical design and helps protect their clothes while getting creative. You can also add a custom drawstring pouch to your order if you wish.

Do-it-yourself Kintsugi kit

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing damaged ceramics with gold lacquer to create something more beautiful than the original. Show the object’s flaws instead of hiding them with amazing results! This kit contains everything you need to try Kintsugi techniques at home. You can use the equipment to fix any broken pottery you want to improve, or you can choose a bowl to set (available in 12 colors). You can also add a ceramic heart if you want more materials to practice with.

Watercolor biscuit kit

Do you know someone who likes art and cooking? They can combine their two passions with this fun watercolor cookie set! It arrives with everything you need to create your artistic cookies.

Cyanotype Printing Kit

Cyanotype printing is a fun technique that allows you to create beautiful prints using photosensitive paper and objects of your choosing (natural things like leaves and feathers are particularly effective). Use the kit to make vibrant designs for your home! This would be a great activity for kids with adult supervision.

Paint by Number Kit

Coloring by numbers isn’t just for kids! Using a paint by number kit is a great way to create a living piece of art for your home. This is an ideal alternative for an aspiring painter to build confidence or someone who uses painting for relaxation. We love this glowing Amalfi sunset design by Rhi James, which is just one of many beautiful designs by these talented artists.

Craft kit made from air-dried ceramics

You don’t require a kiln or a spin to bring into the pottery! Test yourself with air-dried pottery with this home pottery set, fit for 1-2 individuals. This kit contains a giant piece of clay (1.5kg!) and a preference for tools to support you get creative with clay. There’s also a helpful leaflet explaining three different pottery techniques you can try. You can also purchase a selection of acrylic paints to add a little extra to decorate your creations.

High-quality linocut kit

Do you know somebody consistently looking for a new, innovative hobby to try? This linocut set is perfect for anyone who enjoys trying new things and developing creative skills. This starter kit includes everything you require to get started with linoleum printing, including carving tools, linoleum, ink, a brayer (rollerball), and step-by-step printing instructions. If you are looking for other lino printing materials, check out our guide to lino printing for beginners.

Bib apron

Made of lightweight linen fabric, this elegant bib apron is comfortable and protects your clothes from color. This is known in a field of gorgeous blooms and would make a great gift for a painter. Children’s sizes and custom sizes are also available.

Daler Rowney System 3 Screen Printing Kit

Screen printing is an addictive hobby, and you can print your designs on paper and fabric. This superb screen printing kit comes with everything you need to create great prints, including a printing screen, inks, palette knife, screen lock, and step-by-step instructions to get you started.

Learn Modern Calligraphy Set

This modern calligraphy kit contains everything you need to master this creative hobby, including a calligraphy pen, archival inks, worksheets, and access to a 40-minute video tutorial to improve your talents. This set is appropriate for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Mabef artist easel

An easel is an extremely affordable gift for any artist, specifically those who enjoy drawing and smearing. This beautifully framed easel is constructed from smooth beechwood and is flexible. This is a great gift for artists who smudge.

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