Getting Amazon reviews for your kindle books

This article about kindle books reviews will teach you to gain more reviews using tried-and-true strategies utilized by publishers and successful self-published writers who are connected with book writing companies. These methods have been allowed by Amazon and other booksellers, and they do not violate Amazon’s terms of service.

Also, you will learn how to prevent getting your account deleted and how to erase certain types of unfavorable reviews.

Find out where your customers gather and give them your book.

If you don’t already have a list of subscribers or followers to whom you can send your Kindle books and seek reviews, you should start looking for them right away.

Finding out where your consumers hang out and then offering to give your kindle books away for free is one of the easiest ways to generate reviews for your book.

Let’s pretend you’ve written a book about DOWN SYNDROME. All you need to do now is search for pages and groups for “Disableds” on Facebook, where you’ll find a slew of Facebook groups to join and communicate with other members. Here you will find most of your potential customers for your kindle books.

The trick is to give your kindle books away for free to these people and then follow up with them to request an honest review of the book, which they can then post on Amazon.

You can either give them your book as a gift (as Amazon offers)or send them a gift card to purchase your book. You want people to buy the kindle book because it will appear as a Verified Review on Amazon, the most valuable sort of review you can get.

Similarly, you may use the internet to identify discussion boards and forums and offer your kindle books for free. You can search for these forums on the internet, Google.

These Sites Will Give You Free Amazon Reviews If You Submit Your Kindle BookKeywords Usage

Your Kindle books can rank higher for all of its keywords as well. Using these basic strategies for gaining Amazon reviews has resulted in many sales.

Put together a list of websites that would accept your Kindle book and write a free review for you. Some will leave a review on Amazon, while others will review their website, ultimately increasing sales for your Kindle book.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’ll all do it, but after trying with these and sending them some of my books, you might observe some positive outcomes that will make it worthwhile on some books.

Keep in mind that some of these sites only take Kindle books, while others accept paperback and hardcopy books.

Here are some links below that will take you directly to each site’s submission form to send your kindle books. All you have to do is fill out the relevant documents and send them your kindle books.

Online Book Club
Reader’s Favorite
Foreword Reviews
Alice Marvels
The Indie Bookshelf
I Love YA Fiction
iPen Designs
Book Pleasures
Uncustomary Book Reviews
Kindle Book Review

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