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When you decide to start your business, one question is always raised in our minds “How will we grow as an organic organization”? The answer is quite simple- To give your customers the 100% support and quality that they want with a high-security system. 

Furthermore, you have to lunch your business on the web to attract more people nearly and globally. To open a website is easy but to maintain that is not that easy. There are plenty of options to host your website but the good one is on which you can host the website is a Dedicated Server in London.


Types of Hosting

Mostly there are three types of web hosting on which anyone can host their website. From beginner to the high level, you can choose any hosting according to your requirements. We will discuss here all the types and understand that “Why a Dedicated Server London is good for Your Website”?

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Web Hosting


Here is the deep knowledge about all these three web hostings.

  1. Shared Web Hosting:

It is the most admired web hosting for most website owners because at a beginner level many people buy this. This is cheaper than VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Web Hosting. But with the cheaper price, it comes with a number of limitations.

Resources such as Disc Space, CPU, Memory all are shared, as the name suggests. It can accommodate thousands of websites but the resources will be shared. It is good for small business owners.


  • VPS Web Hosting:

The meaning of VPS is Virtual Private Server which means virtualized server resources are allocated to the users and the dedicated spaces on the server. Each VPS is installed on a physical server in which multiple VPS run. It is a kind of shared hosting but with dedicated resources.

It is good for moderate-level businesses. But when it comes to traffic spikes, your website may go down because of the other connected websites if simultaneously they also experience the load.

  • Dedicated Server:

When people want to start a business on a higher level then the best option anyone can have is a Dedicated Server. It has all the benefits that a website owner needs. As the name suggests it is fully dedicated to your website. You will have flexible resources and maximum load speed with it.

Dedicated Server in London offers you full control over the server and you can also set the limits of the resources. Customers want to go on websites that are secure and protect their data from leaking. A dedicated Server serves this feature very powerfully.


Host Your Website on Dedicated Server London

London is the major hub of the finance and technology industry. The area offers a low-inertness network to one of the biggest monetary business sectors on the planet, just as the rest of the UK and Europe. It may be a difficult choice to choose this location but it will be the best choice when you connect with the London Dedicated server. Your website will run smoothly and the customers will experience zero downtime speed on any page.

A dedicated server comes with many benefits that benefit your business. Here we will talk about them briefly!


Benefits of Best Dedicated Server London

  • Extensive Control- When it comes to control, a dedicated server offers maximum control all over the server. You can install any application or software as per your website requirements. 


  • Security- One of the main features that Dedicated Server London provides is security and this is the main reason why people opt for this. You don’t have to worry about the neighboring websites because your website is the only one that is on the server. You can also take security measures and can customize the software as per your requirement.


  • Performance Reliability- Unlike other Web Hostings(Shared and VPS Hosting), server uptime is higher up to 99.90% and traffic spike does not impact the page load speed. As well as you do not share your resources with others.


  • Hardware RAID Options- Dedicated Server supports RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 that you can buy as per your website need and also add with an additional price.


  • No Shared Resources- This is a feature that any other web hosting does not have fully but a dedicated server has. It offers a flexible resource limit to the users and you can also add as per the need. There is no sharing with others, you will have maximum storage and scalability. There will be no impact of other websites’ traffic spikes on yours.


  • Customization Possibility- You can customize the server and have the configuration as your want. You can install the applications that fit your requirements and arrange them. This can amalgamate setup for a Content Management System (CMS) stage like WordPress, Drupal, or Magento for eCommerce.


Buy a Cheap Dedicated Server London with Serverwala

Serverwala is the best web hosting company that offers Dedicated Servers with optimal performance and high security. Thousands of people bought their web hosting and are happy with their support and server. Their Dedicated Server Web Hosting team will monitor your server and promises you to get more reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Their Dedicated Server in London offers a 99.90% network uptime guarantee.


Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server London Plans and Packages

Generally Dedicated Server comes with huge price money because of the features that it provides. People drop their idea to buy a Dedicated server when it comes to money. But this is the one-time investment to our business that we want to grow on a larger scale.

Serverwala offers Dedicated servers in London at a cheap price with the best quality and support. They have the best well-skilled technicians to solve your problems 24/7 hours. They have different plans and packages as per the customer’s needs and budget. You can get a one-month plan or a year plan to buy a Dedicated Server.

Cheap Dedicated Server London


As we discuss thoroughly the Dedicated Server and other web hosting in this article. It is very obvious that a Dedicated Server in London is the best option to boost your business in The UK. Serverwala offers a dedicated server in almost 8 locations in The United Kingdom and London is one of them. It will boost your downtime speed and give more power to the website.


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