Everything you need to know about knife cutting skills

The use of a knife is quite common, but a lot of people lack the basic skills of using knives. Every person should know the right knife using skills. The right use of a knife can reduce the onset of injuries. Moreover, the right use of a knife helps people get the perfect pieces of vegetables, meat, and other things. However, it is quite important for a person to know the right cutting skills. People should know to use the best edc pocket knife.

Basic knife cutting techniques

There are four basic knife cutting skills. A lot of people do not know the basic knife cutting techniques. A person should know the basic knife cutting techniques to use become a professional chef. 

  • Dicing is the most commonly used knife cutting skill. Dicing is cutting the vegetables into a cube shape. You can cut cubes of three sizes, medium, small, and large. The small dice is ¼ “, medium dice is ½ “, and large dice is ¾ “.
  • Mincing is another knife cutting skill. This results in a fine and a non-uniform cut. Mincing is done for vegetables, such as parsley, nuts, and herbs.
  • Julienne is a cut similar to a matchstick. This cut is also named a shoestring. The cut is used for onion and celery. Julienne cut is used to cut potatoes into French fries. Julienne’s cut is usually ¼ “and 2-2.5″ long. Moreover, a fine and perfect julienne cut is 1/8 inches by 1/8 inches. And it is 2-2.5” long.
  • Leaves and other herbs are cut using the chiffonade technique. All you need is to roll the leaves into a tight tube and cut the tube into long strips of herbs and leaves. 

Sharpening knives

After knowing the knife using techniques, a person should know the knife sharpening techniques. Sharp knives can help you get the finest and perfect pieces. Knife sharpeners, sharpening stones, and electric sharpeners are used for sharp knives.

Different knife for a different purpose

There are different knives that are used for different purposes. After knowing the knife cutting skills, people should know the types of knives that are used for a certain task. You cannot practice knife cutting skills with any knife you find. A different knife is used for dicing. You need to have a boner or a carver when you have to do filleting and poultry. A carver is a flexible blade that can cut the bone and fasten the process. EDC knife is an everyday carry pocket knife.

The conclusion

These are some of the most important things that you should know about knives. It is important to use the right knife for a certain purpose. You can purchase knives from land-based shops, as well as you can order online. Moreover, you can also get customized knives. A person should know to use the right knife and have the right grip as it is dangerous to use sharp blades and knives.

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