Employee monitoring tips and tricks:


Technologies including employee monitoring software, GPS systems, CCTV cameras, and biometric technology are used during employee monitoring to maintain track of employee behavior. Thus, employee monitoring , also known as employee tracking, describes the process used by employers to keep tabs on their workers during duty days. This involves monitoring an employee’s computer usage, email and network usage, hours spent on projects, location, and other factors.

Since employee monitoring is a hot topic these days, how does it work? If you’re a business owner, you might wonder about the employee monitoring tips and tricks to improve monitoring employee activities in the workplace. One way is using task mining. So, using software is a great way to make sure your employees are working, and not surfing Facebook.

So why should employers keep an eye on their staff members?


Employee monitoring can primarily use to increase productivity and avoid inappropriate behavior among employees.

Organizations collect data about their workers’  location, computer usage, and productivity through employee monitoring.

This article will cover the employee monitoring tips and tricks to monitor their employees by using employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring tips and tricks -What to Look for When Choosing Employee Monitoring Software

As we have seen, the ideal approach to monitor staff actions is to use user-friendly monitoring software. This technology makes employee monitoring a snap, from measuring time spent on tasks to assessing each employee’s productivity. However, choosing the best employee monitoring software is quite challenging for any organization due to the several available options.

So these are the three things to consider while selecting staff monitoring software to assist you:

Determine your organizational objectives and goals:

Defining your mission and objectives can aid you in selecting an employee monitoring system that will assist you in achieving them.

Let’s say you’re working on a federal contract and your top priorities are data security and privacy. In such a situation, an employee monitoring system like Teramind or ActivTrak with extensive data security measures will suffice. Furthermore, if you’re most concerned about productivity, Time Doctor, a computer monitoring program with superior productivity capabilities, is a good choice.

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Make a list of the features you need for your organization:


Although practically major employee monitoring software does track working time. But their design and pattern are not alike.   As a result, you have to figure out and select which features are most essential to you.

  • You have to think about factors such as: What you want to track. Do you want to keep track of the most visited websites of your employees?
  • Is your organization looking for a solution that will use both remotely and in-office services?
  • Will there be any need for screenshots from employee screens?
  • Do you have to sign off on timesheets? Whenever you need to hire 10 new employees in the next upcoming month, for instance, you might use employee tracking software to assist expedite different operations for your payroll and HR activities.

In this manner, you can recruit more people without having to do all of the extra work that comes with keeping track of punctuality, authorizing timesheets, and payment processing, for example.

You might need a more complete solution when you’re searching for remote employee monitoring software.

But Why do you need a comprehensive solution?

This is because organizations that use remote workers frequently seek tracking tools that can: Assist in increasing remote employee engagement.

Determine the source of any productivity concerns.

Assist them in comprehending how their remote workforce works.

Investigate the Best Alternatives Available

You can investigate the best alternatives accessible once you’ve made a shortlist and functions that are vital to you.

  • Here’s what you’ll have to think about:
  • Is the software containing intrusive functions such as keylogging?
  • Will it be easy to set up and use?
  • Is it assisting employees in improving their achievement?
  • Will the cost of this software lie under your budgeting?

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