Connect basketball players and fans with an NBA Top Shot clone Script

The sport of basketball has always been defined by close battles between players and teams. Likewise, there is an NFT marketplace that sells licensed collectibles of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to fans. It is none other than NBA Top Shot. The Flow-based platform has become the one-stop destination for packs, moments, and legacy challenges. Are you that aspiring entrepreneur aiming to offer a world-class virtual sports experience? Develop an NBA Top Shot clone.

Know the key components of the NBA Top Shot Clone

Type of Script- White-label NFT gaming script with features and functionalities identical to NBA Top Shot.  

Platform Type- An avenue for trading basketball cards where fans can own limited-edition collectibles. Besides that, sports enthusiasts can finish challenges and get exciting rewards. 

Blockchain Network- The NBA Top Shot clone script operates on the Flow blockchain network. Thus, sports fans receive lots of benefits like a friendly user interface, scalability, instant processing of transactions through payment on-ramps, and greater throughput. 

The main features of the NBA Top Shot Clone Script are

Explore section 

Sports aficionados can instantly discover the NFTs of players, teams, and sets by tapping the Explore panel. They will receive results about ultra-rare collectibles listed for sale. Users get details like the lowest ask price in Ethereum (ETH), the rarity of the NFT (common, rare, fandom, legendary, and ultimate). 

Instant sign-in option 

Fans can quickly bid and buy collectibles. They can sync their Google accounts and Dapper wallets.

Challenges dashboard 

Collectors can share their moments across the world and win prizes, packs, and rewards. They can take part in flash and legacy challenges. Generally, this depends on the events and stats of NBA games. Moreover, the moments vary based on the name of the player, the number of series, and the type of set. 

Further, users should save showcases after the moments get delisted from the NBA Top Shot clone script. Importantly, sports fans must not gift, sell, and trade moments in the showcase till they receive the rewards. 

How can they enter the challenge? Sports enthusiasts must click the Showcase builder, name their challenge, include all the eligible moments, and share it. 

Certified Ballers 

Collectors of NFTs are displayed under the Certified Ballers section. Details like their name, social media accounts, number of moments, sets, showcases, score, and their joining date are available. 


Generally, drops on the NBA Top Shot clone script happen at a specific moment. Likewise, Common, Rare, and Legendary Packs are offered for sale to sports fans. It contains ultra-rare moments, tickets, trading cards, and merchandise. 

Moreover, Featured Packs are highly attractive as first-time collectors can also bid for them. They will receive notifications about the drop and can buy the same after seeing the cost in US Dollars, ETH (Ethereum), and Flow (FLOW) tokens.

Help Centre 

Players, teams, and die-hard admirers of basketball can sort various problems by contacting the technical support desk. They receive assistance for issues like deposits and withdrawal of funds, execution of transactions, participation in showcases and challenges, receiving gifts, linking of digital wallets, setting up of accounts, and verification of identities.

Follow Favorite Teams

 Unquestionably, a lot of stakes are there when players and teams participate in tournaments. Importantly, sportspersons can stay updated on the latest developments.

They receive notifications when their teams list collectibles. Sports fans can see the clips and trading cards, the rarity of the NFT (common, legendary, and ultimate), and the number of collectibles for sale. Is transparency assured? Yes of course! Data like a short description, the number of collectors, the listed collectibles, hidden in packs, and unavailable for purchase) are mentioned.

Generally, the base set includes stats about players, teams, and highlights of round-robin matches and knockouts. Each NFT sale contains information like the sale price in US Dollars (USD), the serial number, the name of the series, and the date and time of the purchase. 

Why choose an NBA Top Shot Clone Script? 

  • Customizable and readily launchable in the market. Thus, you need not incur huge capital expenditure for developing the basketball-themed NFT marketplace. 
  • Round-the-clock technical support across platforms like Discord, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter. 
  • Personalization through easy addition of logos, graphic themes, colors, shapes, and taglines. 
  • Comprehensive post-deployment services like the addition of new features, security upgradation, smart contract auditing, and inclusion of payment gateways. 

 What are the numerous advantages offered by an NBA Top Shot clone? 

  • Multiple sources of revenue – Generally, you will pocket auction fees, bidding charges, gas fees, listing charges, and transaction processing fees. Besides that, entrepreneurs like you can partner with award-winning players and teams for minting, listing, and selling collectibles.
  • Greater user base – Undoubtedly, the sport of basketball attracts a lot of eyeballs. With games going on in full flow and fans voting for all-star players, it is an appropriate time to begin NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace development. 

Wrapping Up

Further, NBA Top Shot is coming out with ambitious plans in 2022. The Dapper Labs-owned platform will sell legendary packs with a limit of 10,000 and legendary moments with a size not exceeding 99. 

Besides that, the platform will introduce new challenges and prizes. Importantly, it will also focus on increasing transaction velocity for moments and decreasing friction while discovering prices. 

 Do you want to offer a mix of in-game and digital experience to sports fans? Launch an NBA Top Shot clone by contacting a white-label solution provider now.

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