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Children-friendly Furniture Store in Toronto & Child’s Bedroom Décor Tips

These days, you can decorate your child’s bedroom in a variety of ways because you have many options for furniture. You can conveniently set up a child’s bedroom to meet his/her needs if you invest in children-friendly furniture. Buying the best furniture for the child from a children-friendly furniture store in Toronto isn’t a hard nut to crack. Besides, decorating children’s bedrooms with the right furniture pieces will help you please your children. Seeing your children happy will also make you feel happy as a parent. We shall share some handy tips in this post to help you decorate your child’s bedroom with a dazzling appeal.

Tips for Choosing Furniture & Setting up a Child’s Bedroom

Our tips will help you equip your child’s bedroom with perfect storage, functionality, and flexibility to please your child eventually. Here are the things you need to keep in mind to decorate your child’s bedroom impeccably:

  1. Planning Ahead
  2. Thinking about Storage
  3. Planning for Sleepovers  
  4. Choosing the Right Desk

Without further ado, let us jump into the tips:

Plan Ahead for Child’s Bedroom Décor:

Likely, your child’s bedroom covers a small space, so you must plan before purchasing furniture for your son’s/daughter’s room. Keeping room measurements and your child’s needs in mind will help you select the right furniture for the room. The good idea is to have graph paper and keep the measurement requirements for each furniture piece in mind. It will ensure you choose from and buy furniture pieces that will fit comfortably in your child’s bedroom. When you make measurements for furniture items, use a scale of 1inch to represent 1 foot. Keeping the doors and windows of your child’s bedroom will aid you in deciding on a good layout 

Ponder about Storage:

You will want your son’s or daughter’s bedroom to remain neat. However, you can’t accomplish it unless your child’s bedroom has plenty of storage. Fortunately, you have many options nowadays for furniture for storage to invest in children-friendly furniture. You can consider buying storage beds, chests, and armoires to provide your child’s bedroom with excellent storage space. Here’s how the aforementioned furniture pieces you buy from a children-friendly furniture store in Toronto may serve you:

Storage Beds:

Generally, storage beds have drawers for storing linens, pillows, and blankets for gentle access. Besides, storage beds can give children additional space for toys, books, and electronics. 

Tall Chest:

It will allow for extra drawers.


It will have a space for hanging clothes or hiding the television.

Plan for Sleepovers:

You shouldn’t forget about having additional sleeping space for your sons or daughter’s friend. An out-of-town family member may visit your home, or a child may ask you to have his/her friend stay for a sleepover. In either of the preceding cases, you will need that extra space. You may invest in bunk beds and trundle beds for this purpose. Or invest in daybeds and sofa sleepers which are good choices for a common room. Moreover, bunk beds come in different configurations and sizes to fit one’s needs, and some provide under-bed storage.  

Opt for the Right Desk:

A desk is a crucial addition to a child’s bedroom. Besides, it will give your child many benefits if you place it in a quiet spot for use. You may buy a bedroom desk to help your child do your homework comfortably and organize school materials. You will find many children’s desks in a furniture store resembling the other furniture items in a room. Moreover, such desks have a tall clutch for storing papers and books on shelves and behind closed doors. Therefore, you may invest in one of those desks to meet the specific needs of your children.

You can also purchase children’s bedroom sets from a children-friendly furniture store instead of buying separate furniture items. Thus, you may invest in a children’s bedroom set suiting the needs and preferences of your child perfectly. It will also save you time and effort to choose from and buy furniture pieces for your child’s bedroom. Buona Furniture is an affordable furniture store where you may buy furniture for complete home décor, including your child’s bedroom.


Today, you can decorate your children’s bedrooms in a variety of ways. There are plenty of furniture options to choose from and purchase furniture for a child’s bedroom décor. Keeping the following things in mind, you can decorate your child’s bedroom with a dazzling appeal:

  1. Plan for furniture items before you buy them from a furniture store in Toronto
  2. Don’t forget about the storage space in your child’s bedroom while you buy furniture.
  3. Plan for sleepovers to give your child’s bedroom an extra sleeping space for his/her friend.
  4. Choose the right desk so that your child can do the home comfortably and organize school materials. 

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