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Breathing exercises in winter

exercises in winter

Aerobic exercise will increase your fitness. Increases disease resistance. Lung exercises are also important for all ages.

Asthma or bronchitis patient’s shortness of breath increases in winter. In addition, in dry cold weather, the virus infection responsible for shortness of breath also increases. Meanwhile, the world is not growing again. So it is important for everyone to exercise to increase their lung function this winter. Daily aerobic exercise will increase your fitness. Increases disease resistance. Lung exercises are also important for all ages.

There are various breathing exercises. Here is an example of a breathing exercise that almost all healthy people can do.


First you have to stand up straight and move your legs for 30 seconds. Much like left-right fast. But here only the soles of the feet will fluctuate; The second step is to stand up straight with your hands on your hips. Breathe slowly through the nose, then exhale like whistling. It must be done three times; Now you have to bend your knees and do right and left quickly for 30 seconds. This is called a high jump. In this case, the knees should be raised and left and right; Then you have to stand up straight again and breathe through your nose and exhale like a whistle.

For those who already have shortness of breath or problems with lung function, breathing exercises like whistling in the mouth

First straighten up and sit in a chair. Care should be taken to keep the spine straight. Now breathe slowly through the nose. Hold for 10 seconds or a maximum of 20 seconds depending on your ability to hold your breath. Now keep exhaling small breaths like whistling. Do the whole process three times.

Abdominal breathing exercises

First lie down and lie down. Now put one hand on the abdomen. Breathe in slowly through the nose. Notice the bloating. Hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Now slowly exhale through the mouth. Do the exercise seven times.

Those who practice yoga regularly can build bridges for a healthy lung.

Bridge seat

First lie down and lie down. Now bend the knees and bring them close to the waist or hip. At this time the hands will be on both sides of the body on the floor. Now slowly lift the waist. Keep breathing normally. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Now bring the waist to the floor. Do the whole process 10 times.

Wear a full sleeve jersey during winter morning or evening exercise. With loose trousers. Sneakers suitable for exercise should be worn on the legs. You can keep a towel with the exercise time. If you sweat a lot, remove it.

In winter, the body stores more energy. So this is a very good time to exercise. Winter inertia in regular exercise, laziness is cut, speed also returns to work. Exercise, on the other hand, boosts the body’s immune system. So if you exercise, you will not be able to easily overcome the diseases like cold, cough and fever. So if you want to enjoy the winter, there is no alternative to exercise. What is not being done nowadays – start it this season.

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