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How to Move Your Website From Blogger to WordPress without Losing Traffic

How to Move Your Website From Blogger to WordPress without Losing Traffic

What can you move?

Immaculately, you can export a blog to your tone-hosted website by clicking the import button. Unfortunately, you ca n’t transfer the entire point as it appears on Blogger. You ’ll need to add your blog’s style ( theme, sources, colors, contraptions,etc.) independently.

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Subscribe up for a web hosting account

First, you have to find an ideal web hosting provider for your WordPress point. We handed a detailed comparison of the stylish WordPress hosting result for publishers.

You can try out Hostinger’s WordPress hosting plans, including a WordPress installer, a99.9 uptime guarantee, and a WordPress performance optimization.

  • Go to the WordPress hosting runner.
  • Select your preferred plan and click Add to tote.
  • Add other services you might need on the wain runner.
  • Click Checkout Now.
  • Complete the Subscribe-Up or Log In process to produce a new Hostinger account.
  • After that, just complete the purchase.

Still, you get a free decoration sphere for the first time, If you subscribe up for a 12-month Premium or Business plan. You can also move a being sphere to Hostinger.

  • Go to the Hosting menu on the cPanel and select Manage.
  • Go to the Websites section, and elect Bus Installer.
  • Elect WordPress, enter your sphere name, and click Install.

Assign an author

Still, it may not be easy to distinguish them without changing authors, If your Blogger blog has a large number of posts. This is especially true if you ’re transferring the blog to an being WordPress point. WordPress allows you to reassign the author of the imported item to a current stoner on the point to help you with this.
WordPress shows a list of authors to whom you can assign thecontent.However, you ’ll presumably only have one stoner, If it’s a new WP point. So you can give the list a name, and the content you ’re importing will be assigned to that stoner automatically.

Still, if you want to keep the old content separate from the new bone you ’ll be adding latterly, you can produce a new stoner on this runner. Enter a new stoner’s name, the part, and induce their word at arbitrary. You can change the stoner’s information at any time. After assigning an author, click Submit.

Setting up permalinks

You ’ve successfully imported your content and are one step closer to transferring your entire Blogger blog to your new tone-hosted WordPress point. Now you have to set up Permalinks URLs used by WordPress to organize posts and runners. Each post, runner, and media train must have its permalink (URL address) for proper functionality. Permalinks also have a significant impact on your point’s SEO. When creating a new website, you can set them up still you want, but when importing a point from Blogger, we recommend taking a different approach.

Turning old Blogger content to WP

Then’s where it gets instigative. We assume you ’ve been participating new posts on social media and that you pay attention to the point regularly. The worst-case script when moving your blog is to ignore the old website and callers who might still be visiting it.

Indeed if you stop using Blogger, Google and other hunt machines will still crawl the old links. So rather of losing old callers, you should direct them to the new WordPress point you just created.
You ’ll need to set up redirects on both your Blogger and WordPress spots to make this work.

Deflect via WP plugin

Still, you can use the Blogger to WordPress plugin to handle the redirection, If you know how to install and use WordPress plugins. It’ll help you induce the same law we posted over, and it’ll automatically include your new point’s URL, so you do n’t have to worry about making a mistake.
This plugin differs from the standard importer tool in a many ways. Rather than manually exporting and importing lines, the plugin will do it for you.

You ’ll need to link the plugin to your Blogger account. Log in to your Blogger using the “ Connect to Blogger” button and elect your blog.
You ’ll see a many progress bars after opting the plugin. Your posts, runners, commentary, and images will all be listed there. Stay a many hours if you have numerous posts and images.

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