Andarbahar is a new popular money game

Andar Bahar is an exciting gambling game that has become a favorite among many online casino visitors. Many well-known software manufacturers have already added this game to their portfolios. In particular, today you can find variations from such giants of the gambling industry as Evolution and Pragmatic Play. Table entertainment attracts with simple rules, you can learn how to play in just a few minutes, just watch the game in progress or sit down at the table yourself once. Winning at Andar Bahar is mostly down to luck, there is almost nothing a gambler can do to influence the outcome. However, several strategies will increase your chances of winning.

Basic rules of the game process

Andar Bahar is a board game that originated in South India. The draw uses one deck of 52 cards. At the very beginning, an open card is placed in the center of the table. Then the game proceeds according to the following scenario:

  • The player needs to bet on the right side (Andar) or the left side (Bahar) of the table. After that, it’s time for side bets.
  • Distribution is carried out from two sides. The first side of the deal depends on whether the black or red card is in the center of the table.
  • The hand ends when a card of the same value as the center falls on either side.

Participants who bet on the side where the card fell out to win. After that, a new game session begins. On the page you will find more detailed rules of the Anbar Bahar game.

Effective Anbar Bahar Strategies

It should be noted right away that no strategy would provide a 100% win. But some systems will help you win more often and more. Professionals recommend betting more on Andar than on Bahar. Even though the cards are dealt alternately, the right side always gets the first card, and therefore the probability that the winning card falls on Andar first is higher. In the long term, the theoretical expectation for Andar is 97.8% and for Bahar, it is 97%.

Side bets are involved in the game, making the gameplay even more exciting. Participants can bet on the suit of the card or its color, at a certain value. It is recommended to make side bets, the theoretical return of which is higher than that of the main bets. In other cases, betting on additional bets is risky.

Users are encouraged to use casino bonuses. This is extra money that can always be used for betting and thus play for a longer time on one bankroll to take a large amount in the long run. All these simple secrets will help you earn more in this exciting game. But the well-known Martingale strategy does not work here.

Another key secret of a successful game is the right choice of site. One of the best casinos to play Andar Bahar is Parimatch. Here you will find several interesting versions of entertainment, which are presented by well-known software manufacturers. The casino offers newbies a generous welcome bonus and provides comfortable conditions for playing. Parimatch customers can play Andarbahar on desktop and mobile devices. Just go through a simple registration procedure on the site and you can enjoy exciting leisure.

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