About bright led strip lights by Glamor led

Bright LED Strip lights are a typical choice for interior illumination. The argument for using LEDs instead of incandescent or even halogen lights is surely familiar to you: they are simpler to use and programme, brighter, last longer, produce less heat, and so on.

In addition, since LEDs are sturdy, shock-resistant, and packaged in incredibly small spaces, they can be employed in a wide range of large- and small-scale designs.

LED strip lighting is one method that is gaining in popularity. For commercial and residential lighting applications, linear (strip) lighting has gained popularity and is a cost-effective alternative. Although buying LED strip lights may seem fairly straightforward, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure you get the right light for your purposes. Keep reading this blog as we go over our main selection of LED strip lights product specifics.

·        Factory price-Best GLAMOR’s LED Strip Lights

High Lumen LED installed with Environmental PVC makes up our high-quality strip light. It is completely made up of copper wire. It is even more distinctive due to its oval shape appearance and patent structure design. Its waterproofing technology is IP65. Its smooth surface and incredibly soft and flexible substance make it even more wonderful. It has rope-like strength.

·        60 LEDs/m RGB Silicone LED Strip Light IP68 remote control 5m/10m

Due to its unrivalled waterproofness (IP68) and high product quality, the RGB silicone led strip is currently fashionable. Therefore, the entire strip light has been filled with silicone to increase waterproofness and lengthen its lifespan. Two alternatives are available for this kind: 30 leds/m and 60 leds/m.

·        Flexible COB LED Strip Light Dotless bright Manufacturer From China | GLAMOR

It has high-density LEDs with no light shadows and new, effective Chip-On-Board technology. In addition, it is extremely flexible and won’t change colour when bent or compressed.

Moreover, this strip light’s luminous angle may exceed 180 degrees. It is really thin and brilliant. Our Flexible COB LED strip light has excellent colour consistency, greater thermal conductivity, increased longevity, and reduced light degradation.

We have many more products in our bright led strip lights variety such as 360°NEON FLEX, China IP44 4.5W/M Low voltage PU LED Strip Light ( SMD2835-120S-PU-W) manufacturers-GLAMOR, Best Double Side Neon Flex FactoryPrice-GLAMOR, CRI90 COB LED Strip Light with High-Density LEDs from Glamor Factory, CSP Neon Flex Series, Crystal Jade LED Strip Light (BW2835-60S), Wireless neon flex introduction flexible neon as a soft rope and many more.

It was challenging to produce the highest-quality LED strip light ever. It all started with a passion and desire to create a lighting solution that could genuinely be “set and forget.” When constructing an LED tape light, factors include component quality, phosphor selection, heat dissipation, colour rendering, brightness, longevity, and run length. We at Glamor led the demand for excellence in each of these categories. As a result, we Glamor led guarantee performance and happiness, from the opulent resort guest rooms to the NASA testing and prototype labs to your kitchen! As a result, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of businesses and homeowners to illuminate their most private areas.

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