A clothing fashion guide for women 50+

Women after 50 have seen life in rollercoasters with their heads held high. They know what they want, why they want, and where their life is heading. When we talk about fashion for them, it’s always dicey and difficult to select. Because fashion houses, designers talking about trends, designs focus on the young crowd that makes their options limited. Most brands carry outdated clothing options for women above 50. When you reach 50 you have done enough for everybody, now is the time to put yourself first – it can be anything, your hobbies, interest, passion, and one thing that all women want 50 or not is to look good.

Don’t worry, we have curated a fashion guide for all women in their 50s out there. You don’t have to worry, with simple outfits. We will help you achieve a classy and elegant look. Let’s find out what can help you:

Embrace the beauty of colors: Women in their 50s often hesitate to pick up bold and bright colors, judging looks might be the reason. However, you need to think about what you love rather than what others do. So, pick out bold and bright colors for your outfits for your next get-together. Or you can go classic with bold red lipstick and one of your favorite outfits. If you are going to buy something new, try out colors different from your regular picks. Or something out-of-the-box colors. You can try trending colors like burnt orange, Turquoise blue, etc. experiment with your color choice.

Invest in customized t-shirts: No! T-shirts are not only for young people, but they rather make everyone look cool and young. Try out quirky or funny t shirts for women design or bold color t-shirts. The best part about having t-shirts, they are comfortable, you can pair them with a skirt, blazer, jeans, however you feel like. Look and feel young with customized t-shirts. Designhill allows you to create your own customized t-shirt designs for men and women.

Modern blazer: Blazer can never go wrong, you never have too many. So, buy a modern blazer with classic colors that can be paired with any outfit. And look cool on any occasion. For instance, pair a Blazer with a denim skirt and add extra sparkle to your outfit with a belt. The look will make you appear like a chick. Modern blazers can also go with midi skirts or midi dresses to give you a casual look, but good enough for formal dinners. You can try blazers with funny t shirts and jeans.

Avoid baggy clothes: No doubt they are in trend, like every year new trends take over the fashion world, nowadays, baggy clothes are in trend. However, no matter how tempting they look, you should avoid baggy clothes after your 50s. Women after their 50s should focus on more fitted clothes than baggy, as they will emphasize more on your flaws rather than features. Therefore, avoid baggy clothes.

Pencil Skirt: Pencil Skirt for women in their 50s is a blessing. They make you look elegant, young, and confident. Moreover, you can use a pencil skirt for casual as well as formal outfits. Try out a casual look by pairing a pencil skirt with a customized t shirt design. To give a formal look, you can pair it with a shirt or T-shirt and a blazer. The pencil skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe, it would be good if you have classic colors like black, nude, bronze, etc. that can be paired with all colors and tops.

Fitted jeans: Jeans are a universal fashion item that can never go wrong, irrespective of your age. However, what jeans you choose will make an impact, for women in their 50s fitted jeans are perfect. You need to avoid flared or loose jeans, try outfitted black jeans, pair them with stylish tops, or funny t shirts considering the fit. Jeans like other fashion items witness many trends, you need to avoid these trends if they are ill-fitted. Anything fitted would be good and highlight your features to make you look great.

White pants/jeans: White jeans paired with bold color tops or funny t shirts for men and women will make you look gorgeous. Make sure to have white pants in your wardrobe, to help you give a new and fresh look. One thing you need to make sure of while wearing white jeans, make sure you wear undergarments matching your skin or with the main outfit. During winters, you can pair it with brown boots, a sweater, and a jacket. Moreover, you can add an extra element with a scarf.

Invest in Dress: We often invest in dresses when young, however, you need to have at least one go-to dress in your wardrobe after your 50s for family gatherings, festivities, or other parties. Try out a flattering dress that’s neither too bold nor too boring for gathering. Try to avoid neutral colors as much as you can. Find a dress fitted to your waistline and suit your body type, pair it with flats during summer and boots during winters.

Cardigans: Cardigans are one of the go-to items for women in their 50s, can be suitable for winters or semi-winters paired with fitted jeans or skirts will make you look elegant. Experiment with different cardigan styles, however, avoid baggy styles, so you can experiment. The fit, style, and colors of a cardigan will become your favorite outfit. Combine it with modern jewelry, funny t shirt design, and your look will be complete.

Tank Tops: Finding it weird? It’s common among women after their 50s to avoid tank tops, but honestly, that’s not a good move. Tank tops are not made for the young crowd only, women irrespective of age can try Tank tops in stylish ways. They are comfortable and will make you look good. You can pair tank tops with cardigans and fitted jeans or midi skirts. A good color tank top will look smooth for your torso and add cute, interesting details to your outfit. Tank tops are recommended for all women in their 50s, tuck them under your skirt or pants you are good to go.

Turtleneck sweaters or tops: Turtleneck is a timeless beauty, it looks stylish and sophisticated to wear. You can pair them with anything, be it a pencil skirt, fitted jeans, midi skirt with a blazer or cardigan. They are versatile in nature and can be worn for any occasion and any time of the day. Cool and cute to wear, a must-have in your wardrobe. Buy cute turtleneck tops or sweaters with bold or classic colors like brown, black, etc.

To wrap up: Women in their 50s either don’t find anything of their linking or they hesitate to wear. These are some of the best fashion items and combos to buy in the 50s. So, leave your hesitation, focus on yourself and rock the floor with confidence. If you like it simple, keep it that way, but add extra elements with jewelry or belts or funny t shirts to make your outfit new and give a fresh look for gatherings and festivities. Try out these fashion tips, you will surely rock your look.

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