6 Popular Ads Blocking Software for Blocking Ads on Manga Websites

The only problem with reading manga online on free platforms is the ads-interruption. There are a lot of ads on the free manga websites that often make the manga reading experience quite bad

Fortunately, you can get rid of the ads easily. There are a lot of free ad blockers out there that you can install on your web browser to help block out the ad scripts.

In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the best software solutions that you can use to block all kinds of ads from manga websites.

So, let’s get straight into the topic:

  • AdGuard:

AdGuard is a top-rated adblocker for web browsers. This adblocker is a subscription-based software but the rates are quite affordable.

You can purchase this adblocker to block out all kinds of annoying ads from manga websites. This app works for even the replacement for mangastream and online anime streaming websites.

The best thing about AdGuard is the customization feature that allows you to change the settings as per your preference. You can also whitelist your favorite website for a better user experience.

  • AdBlock:

This best-value ads blocking solution is one of the best options for blocking ads in our opinion. It is also one of the most well-known software solutions for blocking ads that you can find out there.

This adblocker can block banners, popups, and even video ads. It is one of the most powerful and efficient adblockers out there.

There are certain types of ads that can have a huge toll on your native system resources. This software can block all those ads and can work to enhance the battery life of your device. It is a simple and easy-to-use adblocker software that is highly recommended by security experts from all over the world.

  • AdLock:

AdLock stands out in terms of the compatibility features that it has to offer. The performance of this app is incredible as well in terms of blocking ads and offering a seamless online manga reading experience.

You can use this app on manga websites and movie sites such as movie sda for blocking ads. Once you install this app, it automatically starts detecting ad scripts and blocks them out before they even appear on the website that you are visiting to read the manga.

AdLock features an interactive user interface that makes it easier for you to adjust the app in a way that works the best for you.

  • AdAway:

AdAway is one of the most customizable adblocker software that you can find out there. This free ads blocker works quite well on all devices, without any kind of compatibility issues.

If you are looking for a simple app that can help you block ads and read manga online in a peaceful environment, then AdAway would be the best option for you.

This app is famous in terms of the UI design and the user experience. Even if you have never used an ad blocker before, you’d be able to use this app to get rid of the ads easily.

  • AdClear:

AdClear is an innovative adblocker that works on mobile apps as well. For example, if you have installed a mobile app for reading manga on your phone, the AdClear can help you block ads from those apps as well.

Where most adblockers work to block ads from websites, the AdClear goes one step further and blocks out in-app ads as well.

So, if you don’t like apps to interfere with your manga reading session when you are reading it on your phone, you can check out the AdClear software to block out the ads. And since this adblocker is free, you won’t need to provide your personal details to the app as well.

  • Ghostery:

Ghostery is a new name in the world of adblockers. Still, it is quickly making its name in the market as a trusted solution for blocking ads when reading manga online.

You can use the Ghostery app to block ads from a web browser. The only downside of this app is, it doesn’t work quite well when it comes to blocking the in-app ads.

The Ghostery app is 100% free, safe, and secure. You won’t find any kind of problems with this app in terms of privacy issues. Also, it offers a wide range of additional features which make the app an ideal choice for blocking ads.

End Notes:

If you don’t want to go through the ads when reading manga at all, then we recommend you go for a paid online manga platform Pastnews. And if that doesn’t work for you, then you can try blocking the ads from manga websites using the ad blockers that we have talked about in this article.

So, check out the ad-blockers that we have talked about here in this article. And if you have any questions about manga websites, feel free to reach out to us.

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