5 Ingenious Steps to Make Your House a Home

There is a slight difference between these two terms – House and Home. A house is just a solid structure you buy or construct, while a home is what you make a place to rest or sit comfortably with your family members. To make a house a home requires you to give it a personal touch to each room and corner with the right paint, furniture pieces, fabrics, and allied decorative items. Some of you plan to design the interiors of your home yourself, while some of you have to take support from an experienced interior designer company in Greater Noida. Whether you take professional support or not for designing the interiors of your home, you should keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Paint your abode with amazing colours 

At the time of designing your abode interiors, you focus on making your home relevant to the current styles. And for this, you can paint the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows of your abode with amazing colours. To complement the style, you can use a crisp white palette with wild patterns, pastel colours, or different bold colours. For the personalization of your space, you should ensure that there is a balance between patterns and colours. Here are more tips:

  • Spice neutral colours with a few brightly coloured funky rugs and cushion if you choose to have neutral walls 
  • Have a mix and match of colours and patterns for a contemporary and soft look 
  1. Bring the nature inside 

Bringing nature inside means you should show you are close to nature through placing natural things such as plants, trees, and birds in your abode. To represent nature and freshness, you can value green and earthy colours while painting your home or keep the things of the same colour. In this regard, you can plant a few indoor plants in jars and place them on windows, in corners, or hang from the walls. You can use natural materials such as jute, cotton, and bamboo made products. Here are more on how you can bring the nature inside:

  • Have glasses on your home windows 
  • Hang mirrors just opposite to the windows to reflect outside into a room 
  1. Value light 

Light in its natural or artificial form is crucial for a better home look. Through the right lighting, you can make your home look adorable, cute, and warm. For an energetic feeling, you can install warm lights in your living room or bedroom. You should think of hanging more than one wall light or ceiling light. With wall and ceiling lights, you can ensure that each space in your abode is well-lit. In addition, you should place a side table lamp in your bedroom, living room or study room to facilitate you to read a book.    

  1. Hang art pieces 

Bare or empty walls are dull. And they can make your home look boring. For a pleasant feeling, you should never keep the walls of your abode empty. You can think of hanging paintings, decorative plates, photo frames, etc. These items could have a religious, romantic, natural, or motivational theme. You should choose a theme wisely. For example, your art pieces should be of spiritual nature if you are going to hang them in the worship room of your abode. You can think of hanging your children’s drawings to give a cute and adorable look to a room.  

  1. Have shelves on the walls 

Usually, many people don’t have structured racks or almirah on home walls. No shelf or rack structure means you will have difficulties in keeping the respective objects in a room of your abode. You can sort out this issue with wooden shelves. With the right selection, you can use the wooden shelves as a utility and decorative item in your home.       


The above-mentioned ideas/steps can help you a lot in making a house a home. However, you can go with aquarium installation, furnishings & curtain hangings, and wallpaper sticking if you need more ideas. Whatever you do in home decoration, it should be around your planned interior designing. With it, you will have a beautiful and comfortable home.  

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