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5 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Piano Moving

Moving a piano is not a job for the light-hearted. It is a bulky item that requires a lot of attention during any kind of relocation. Also, this is not the item to try DIYs on. Pianos that have a basic finish can cost up to $2000! Well, it is not wrong to say that you have to plan when you have a piano that needs to relocate with you.

This heavy and difficult item has to get moved through a fleet of stairs, tight and narrow corners, elevators, etc. Hire any charlotte moving company for a safe and secure move. Do not take chances with this valuable item. If you even dare to try the DIYs, be ready to suffer injuries or damage your beautiful piano.

Instead, make up your mind about which one of the movers in Raleigh, will you choose for the job!

Here are the important tips to keep in mind if you want to opt for the best way to move a piano.

Tips to Follow while Moving a Piano

moving a piano

Hire the Best Help Possible

This is ‘the’ most important thing to keep in mind while moving a piano. Do not overestimate the Hercules inside you! Take professional help from Charlotte movers while relocating a piano. The uprights of the piano carry all the side weight while the legs and feet of this item are fragile. If you try any DIYs, there is a high possibility you will end up injuring the piano, your other home items, or even worse yourself! 

Whenever professional and experienced teams take care of your piano moving, the best part of the process is your stress-free mind. They will arrange the entire process, keeping in mind all the specifications you have. So don’t worry about ‘not’ being in control! If you are moving long-distance inter-state or intra-state, these moving companies will make sure that your piano gets assembled safely in your new abode!

Right Equipment

Heavy-duty straps, furniture dollies, etc should get used while moving a piano. This creates a better hold on this bulky item and makes sure that no damage occurs. . The straps are used to bind the piano to the dolly. Later they get moved into the rental truck.

Now, if have hired Charlotte movers for the job, you do not have to worry about the process of piano moving. Their team will come, assess the house you are living in and mark the exit points. At times they will ask you to open backdoors too if your piano cannot fit. The main thing is that you need to cooperate with them. After taking your piano out, they will load it safely in the rental truck that they brought.

Keyboard Must be Protected

It is important to protect the keyboard at all costs. Pianos may be a heavy object but in no way is it hardy. Always remember to treat it delicately. Close and lock your keyboard lid, before the packers and movers arrive. This will make sure that your precious keyboard remains undamaged during the move. Sometimes the keyboard lid does not lock. In these cases, close the lid and ask for help from your movers. They will wrap the area for security. Do not take the ‘wrapping’ part in your hands. Professional packers know how to pack delicate items. Let them take care of it.

Lifting the Piano

I am repeating a warning note here- do not lift your piano with people who are not professionals. This is the way that movers do it. If you have a lot of confidence, follow these professional tips to lift a piano-

  • Two people should hold the ends of the piano and place the moving straps in the bottom of the piano. When you see one strap on each end of the piano, know that the item gets secured.
  • After making sure one person is holding each end of the strap, lift the piano. Place it on the furniture dollies.
  • After you have placed the piano on the dollies make sure that the legs of the piano are sitting flat.

A complicated process isn’t it? This is why you need Charlotte moving company services.

Truck Loading

Movers and packers will make sure that the piano gets positioned safely at the back of the truck. They might even use wooden planks for the flooring of the piano since some truck surfaces are not level. It might lead to damage. Since you are an amateur, there is no way you would know these delicate details. Choose any best moving company Charlotte and move your piano without a hassle.

If you are looking for expert movers, consider College Dudes Help U Move. .The only thing you need to keep in mind is the safety of your piano. And safety can only be given by expert movers!


Abraham Cannon is a celebrated writer who educates people about Charlotte moving services. Through his blogs, one can understand the best way to move a piano by any best moving company charlotte.Read his blogs to know more about the benefits of hiring best moving company charlotte NC.

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