15mm push fit elbow is the backbone in plumbing connections

15mm push fit elbow

15mm push fit elbow

Read about 15mm push fit elbow in this article.

Push fit Elbow 15 mm is a highly efficient and durable fitting designed for connecting copper and plastic pipes. It features two Speed fit connections for a 15 mm pipe. They made of lead-free and anti-corrosive material. It is easy to install and dismount in narrow spaces. These types of fitting is recommended for a different temperature of the water. The design of elbow fit is simple.

The Speed fit Range fits half an inch in BSPT System connects. The NC471 connects a 15mm metric with a chromium-filled copper pipe. Stainless steel and copper pipe are also compatible with the installation. NC471 allows you to attach the BSPT to a stainless steel pipe at Speed ​​fit. It is supposed to reduce or increase the pressure on the system.

Features of Speed fit Range 

The Speed ​​fit Range consists of 1/2 couple “BSP and BSPT couplers. The NC471 connector connects a 15mm metric with a 1/2” imperial copper pipe. The installation is accompanied by chromium-plated copper and a stainless steel pipe. The 15mm push fit elbow has a tee for securing the pipe. The fitting locks the pipe and prevents leaks when the tee is tightened.

The 15mm push fit elbow is a great way to connect copper and plastic pipes. This pipe installation will lock in place when twisted like a clockwise movement. A part of it will be secure in place when the pipes are pushed together. In other words, the 15mm elbow is best for use in plumbing jobs. A couple with a female BSP connection is also perfect for connecting metric copper and stainless steel pipe.

The Speed fit Couplers sizes’ Range from a half-inch to one inch in BSPT and 15 mm in the metric system. The NC471 is used to connect the 15mm with a copper pipe. It is available in the market other than chromium-plated copper fitting. It is compatible with types of fittings as well. For the right fitting size, you need to choose the right measurement. It is available =16mm and 22 mm sizes too. 

Speed fits

Speed fit has different types of fittings for 15mm and BSPT. Part No NC471 connects the metric copper pipe to the metric 15mm. The 16mm version of the 15mm push fit elbow is available in various measurements. The 16mm version is the best option to connect metric copper and chromium-plated copper.

The 15mm push fit elbows connect copper and chromium-plated plumbing pipes. The BSPT and BSP are dimensioned. The NPT is the standard metric fitting. The BSPT type is specifically made to connect chromium-plated copper pipes. The NPT connector has the advantage that it is available in various sizes. If you’re using a metric 15mm push fit elbow, choose the one that is right for your plumbing needs.

Applications of 15mm push fit elbow

The 15mm push fit elbow has a variety of plumbing applications. The BSPT and BSP adapters are common solutions for connecting copper and plastic pipes. The NPT adapter connects with a plumbing connection greater than 15mm. They not compatible with chromium plated copper pipe use; the metric NPT adapter is compatible with all other BSPT connectors.

The 15mm push fit elbow is the metric equivalent of the BSP and BSPT couplings. They used to connect a copper pipe with a metric spout. The 15mm coupler works as a joint between two pipes. It is compatible with different materials because of its versatility. It easily connects with chromium layered copper tubes and steel pipes. 

Features of Push Fit Elbow

The first feature of the push fit elbow is industrial quality manufacture. The push fit elbow is made of high stainless steel that is highly corrosion-resistant. Push fits come in a variety of fittings, including elbow caps and couplings. They are available in both male pipe thread and female pipe thread connections. 

The next feature of the elbow is easy installation. Elbow can easily connect to copper and polyvinyl chloride or any combination. 

Due to unique design of the elbow does not require welding or soldering with another connection. The other thing about push elbow is its reusability. It would help if a plastic clip disconnects the stainless steel ring and frees the tube. 

One of the important feature is the high volume flow rate. The copper tubing push elbow removes the plastic stiffener that can be used by piping to be removed.  


This article discussed features of push fits, applications, and types of speed fit ranges.

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